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Jim Glassman, of Dow 36,000 fame, gives his top 10 stocks for the year based on conversations he's had with money managers he trusts.

Entrepreneur extraordinaire and basketball fan Mark Cuban tells us why he doesn't wear a suit and can't figure out why anyone else does.

Who won the search engine wars in December 2006? How did Google ( GOOG) do? How did ( YHOO) do?

Given we have some important PPI data coming out this morning, its worth looking at the holdings of the T Rowe Price New Era Fund, a fund that only invests in companies that benefit from accelerating inflation.

Value maven Joe Cit finds deep value in favorite activist stock Freightcar America ( RAIL).

The OTC Speculator analyzes four favorite micro-cap stocks.

Modern Graham reviews The Greenbrier Companies ( GBX).

Paul Kedrosky reveals the top ten stock ticker searches.

If you want to see whether you are diversified, ask the Stockpickr community here or here.

Stockslinger thinks Verizon spinoff Idearc ( IAR) is worth checking out.

Is Motorola ( MOT) a long-term value here?

Great advice from venture capitalist Peter Rip on how Microsoft ( MSFT) can take on Google ( GOOG).

WS Lounge checks out value play Conoco Phillips ( COP).

StokBlogs wonders whether Western Sizzlin ( WSZL) is the new Berkshire Hathaway ( BRKA).

10Q Detective asks the important question: Do we care that Disney ( DIS) CEO Bob Iger made $25 million last year?

Bill Gates sits on the board of Berkshire Hathaway, plays bridge online as much as possible with Warren Buffett, and now Warren Buffett has given all his money to Bill Gates' charity. So check out my article this morning on whether Bill Gates' personal investments have Warren Buffett's influence.

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