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Hidden Values updates a list of companies with market caps less than $3 billion that have high return on equity, low debt, and consistent earnings growth.

Joe Cit believes Winn-Dixie is a perfect example of a value trap.

The Mad-Money-Buys-And-Holds Blog comments on Level 3 ( LVLT) and Capital One Financial ( COP) holdings. The blogger is taking a buy-and-hold approach to the top "Mad Money" picks as of Jan. 4 but updating his comments every few days. Up 4.7% as of Jan. 12.

TechCrunch fantasizes about what each site would look like if Google and Yahoo! switched designers.

Mebane Faber takes the Dogs of the Dow one step further, and check out The Flying Five.

A Dash of Insight is insightfully looking into how to value the overall market.

AOL analyst Hilary Kramer believes the rise of milk in China means good things for American Dairy.

Web-research company Compete has the top moving Web sites of December 2006 and none of them have anything to do with Britney Spears.

Quantum Trading shares top catalyst-driven growth-a-reasonable-price picks. Plus he analyzes a bunch of shorts.

I don't understand why the print business magazines are constantly losing ad revenue. Please feel free to respond to me with an answer.

Freakonomics looks at the top 10 time-shifted TV programs, meaning the TV shows that are most watched on TiVo and places other than TV.

Mega Trader David Neubert's Grandma likes Imperial Sugar.

Notable Calls gives some great color on AMD's warning.

Eric Savits interviews the CEO of Akamai.

Stockerblog looks at the effect of low-priced coal on the big utilities.

Is shorting Research In Motion ( RIMM) like dancing with the devil?.

Activist Investor David Nierenberg believes ESIO is a double from here.

And just in case you missed them, I've been doing a series of articles, "The portfolio of the day" each day. Check out my Friday article, for instance, on how to use "Mad Money" to buy banks or my article on top-yielding tech stocks .

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