HFPA, 64th Golden Globe Awards
Audrey Hepburn once said, "As a child, I was taught that it was bad manners to bring attention to yourself, and to never, ever make a spectacle of yourself ... all of which I've earned a living doing."

Attention is what celebrities are all about, and at the 64th Annual Golden Globe Awards on Monday, Jan. 15, the Hollywood glitterati won't be bashful about making a splash.

If you are presenter Jennifer Lopez, Miss Golden Globe 2007 Lorraine Nicholson, or any one of the lucky guests who will be arriving at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif., you will most certainly step out of your limo that night looking effortlessly fabulous.

The red-carpet set may appear like they came from a session with the celebrity fairy godmother, but behind the glitz and glamour are exclusive spas, world-class makeup artists and the best designers (a lot of) money can buy.

Even if you can't be at the event, it's still possible to get close, thanks to the stars' experts of glam.

Under the Knife

Dr. Steven A. Burres, a big-name Hollywood cosmetic surgeon, says a few celebs have popped in to his office in Beverly Hills this week for preshow fillers, botox and peels, obviously opting for less invasive procedures before the such a public appearance.

Fillers are among the most popular treatments because they can temporarily plump up lips and erase unflattering laugh lines without requiring the scalpel. The effect lasts three to four months, Burres says, and ranges from $500 to $2,000.

Burres also cites micro-dermabrasions and fruit acid peels as popular pre-red-carpet procedures.

As far as trends, Burres says his clients are crazy about mesotherapy ($850 per treatment), a minimally invasive procedure that targets problem areas such as love handles. The procedure involves injections that kill fat cells.

The affected area might be swollen for a week or so, says Burres, so it would not be optimal a few days before the Globes.

Turn the Other Cheek

"Everybody does the Resculpting Facial," says Marius Morariu, co-creator and nutritionist for Manhattan's Tracie Martyn salon.

The salon has recently been bustling with the screen's elite, who requested what Morariu calls the facial of choice for events such as the Golden Globes.

Martyn, whom Oprah referred to as the facialist to the stars, graciously fit me in during one of the salon's most hectic weeks to experience the star treatment for myself.

From the moment Morariu greeted me at the top of the stairs, I felt relaxed and welcomed. Signed magazine covers from Kate Winslet and Sandra Bullock dotted a coffee table where a steaming ginger tea sat waiting; the treatment itself didn't disappoint.

Tracie Martyn Salon, NYC

Martyn's Resculpting Facial ($460) combines massage, a light micro-dermabrasion, custom-made creams and a light electric current to firm and contour the skin and make it glow. Some of her celebrity fans even claim it defies gravity.

Martyn genuinely cares what goes onto your skin. Her line of all-natural skin-care products especially formulated by Morariu has had celebrities like Cyndi Lauper coming back year after year seeking a place to relax and make her look fabulous for that big night. Cutting-edge fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg also swears by Tracie Martyn's Firming Serum, available with Martyn's other products online.

Makeup Mavens

Lisa Monette, founder of On Location Artists, has worked on many Golden Globes, attended the Academy Awards and dolled up stars like Amy Gibson and Sasha Cohen, to name a few.

"This year retro is the big thing because of Dreamgirls," she says. The movie, released by Dreamworks and Viacom ( VIA)-owned Paramount Pictures, is one of the nominees for best picture this year.

The hot look will be "dramatic glamour with flawless smooth skin ... very crisp," says Monette. There will also be "lots of lashes" and the classic smoky (but not messy) eyes, she says.

As for men, Monette can't be sure, but she quips they will all be trying to look young and skinny.

The Cloutier Agency's Joanna Schlip, makeup artist to the stars and author of Glamour Girlz, a celebrity makeup book for teens, is also working on the Globes this year.

She likes to encourage her clients -- many of whom include Hollywood A-listers -- to push their look. "It's nice to take them to another level. Most of these women are very beautiful, and can wear a strong lip color, for example."

She meets with clients before the Globes at their homes or hotel rooms. (The Peninsula or Four Seasons are popular choices for the stars, she reveals.)

Monette says she had to get used to the trend of putting makeup on men like musician Dave Navarro, but now, "anything goes; nothing shocks me," she explains.

Stress-Free Tresses

When I spoke with Enzo Angileri, also of the Cloutier Agency, he had not yet chosen his prestigious clients for this year's Globes. But I do know that this in-demand hairstylist loves to work with Jodie Foster and Charlize Theron.

His clients know that they will have a lot of exposure for an event, so "there is a lot of last-minute stressing out."

What are the in do's for this year's Globes?

"The word fresh comes to mind, with a little romantic look," he says. "The Golden Globes allow people to be a little more relaxed." His favorite style is flowing and natural. "It gives the message, 'Wow! I have such wonderful hair," he says.

He recalls preparing a daring Fran Drescher for a previous Golden Globe. "We put a whole flower arrangement on her head! That really put a sense of humor into it."

Dressed for Success

Picture Perfect
HFPA, 64th Golden Globe Awards

Insider celebrity stylist and image consultant Jeanne Yang of the Cloutier Agency helps nominees and other high-stepping guests prepare for the onslaught of commentary and scrutiny that awards shows inevitably bring.

"Everyone is basically frantically preparing to have all eyes on them," she says. Her job is to make sure celebrities don't stress about what they are going to wear.

"There's a lot of pressure ... because people are relying on me not to make a major fashion faux pas," says Yang.

She consults with each of her clients and helps them to find that stunning gown or suit that accentuates the positive, while staying true to their personal style.

"I want my clients to look like themselves with something that is perfectly suited to them," says Yang.

Yang says that the real innovative trend this year is a shorter, more modern dress length. "Formal isn't about going to the ground," says Yang. "It's mainly about the fabric and silhouette."

See it all for yourself -- catch the Golden Globes this Monday at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.

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