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Investors Business Daily identifies stocks that have been rising on unusually high volume.

Bio Health Investor believes, despite the name of the blog, that the biotech industry has been 30 years of failure other than a few companies like Genentech ( DNA), Amgen ( AMGN), etc.

In Jim Cramer's book "Mad Money," he mentions he likes buying stocks that are buying back their own shares. Here are the largest share buybacks announced in the past week.

Excellent post by Startup Review analyzing Marchex's ( MCHX) business.

StockMarket Beat simply does not buy the bear case on oil.

I like to find stocks where the analysts covering them are raising their earnings estimates. Here is a list of Dow Jones companies whose earnings estimates have been raised in the past four weeks.

Warren Buffett's No. 2 guy for the past 45 years, Charlie Munger, believes not enough executives have gone to jail in the various corporate scandals that have occurred.

Information Arbitrage has a great post on what it takes to succeed on Wall Street.

Uber-trader David Neubert is afraid of global warming, but insurer Chubb ( CB) isn't.

A look at all the top silver mines in the world and which public companies own them.

Long or Short Capital believes nerd CEOs destroys shareholder value and looks at Sharper Image ( SHRP) as an example.

Getting Green explains why gold is a bad investment.

Sox First speculates that despite all the headlines, Steve Jobs is untouchable.

And speaking of which, Apple Matters takes a look at yesterday in Apple history.

New Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's stock portfolio is public info. Apparently she was a fan of the dot-com boom.

Please check out my other article this morning, which is on the highest-yielding tech companies. Tech companies rarely pay dividends, but these guys are paying decent dividends and exhibiting good growth.

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