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Portfolio Pam shares the Attack of the Clones: the stocks that stand to win the most and lose the most due to the legalization of cloned food.

Investment Ideas gives the pros and cons of eBay ( EBAY).

The Cody Report brings us 5 stocks to ride the 3G Video Game Cycle.

A textbook example by 10Q Detective on how to do a sum-of-the-parts valuation analysis of a company.

Random Roger gives his blow-by-blow of investment strategist guru Byron Wien's surprises for 2007.

In its usual succinct manner, Ticker Sense shows us the top analyst-recommended stocks of 2007.

"Mad Money" fan Pete Borini picks and analyzes his five favorite "Mad Money" stocks, with the intention of holding them for the year.

Traderfeed does an interesting analysis of how the S&P 500 behaves when XLE ( XLE), the energy sector ETF, is down.

Freakonomics describes what Bill Clinton and Jessica Simpson have in common.

Tech Crunch looks at the unveiling of the new company by AOL founder Steve Case.

And in other "founder" news, Stockerblog looks at Amazon ( AMZN) founder Jeff Bezos' new spaceship. Hey, we all need our toys.

Stock Rumors does a detailed analysis of the takeover rumors surrounding Tellabs ( TLAB).

13D Tracker gives the lowdown on what hedge fund Caxton Associates wants to do with InFocus ( INFS).

And please check out my analysis of the holdings of the Claymore/Clear Spin-off ETF ( CSD) in the Stockpickr Portfolio of the Day. Spinoffs of public companies are often artificially sold off and create attractive buying opportunities. The Claymore ETF is fascinating, but I think you can do even better by picking and choosing the best spinoffs in their index.

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