Rock Star Rising
If you're a believer in music, then Dutch entrepreneur Pim Betist has a few bands he'd like to sell to you.

Betist has created Sellaband , an innovative take on music promotion and investing.

In order to realize his dream, he convinced a music industry executive to quit his job and for them to build a company together.

Six months later, the company's Web site was launched on Aug. 15, 2006.

"I was tired of being offered the same music over and over," says Betist.

"As a music fan, I felt a shift in power was necessary to bring a breath of fresh air to the music industry. I decided to create a concept where fans can decide for themselves what they were going to hear. This way, artists can keep their artistic freedom, and music fans get the music they really believe in."

On Sellaband, artists and fans have one goal: to make music and a profit together.

Artists upload their music and profile, while fans and visitors can browse and offer support. With a $10 investment, fans become "believers" by buying a piece of an artist's future income on Sellaband.

Studio Art

Once an artist has reached the $50,000 goal, Sellaband uses the investment to record an album.

Sellaband provides bands and artists that reach this level with a professional studio, an experienced A&R (artist & repertoire) manager and a top producer. The resulting recording is then sent in the form of exclusive digipack CDs to the believers; at this point, both believers and musicians are in business together.

Sellaband then gives the recorded music away for free through the company's Web site. Revenue generated through online advertisements is split evenly between the artists, believers and Sellaband.

In addition, Sellaband currently has partnerships with Heineken ( HINKY) and Sony Music Studios, a huge benefit to artists; other strategic alliances are expected to be announced in 2007.

Enthusiastic Audience

Even music industry analysts and record producers are signing on with the company.

"Sellaband looks to be an exciting new base for unsigned acts to find their way to commercial release," says Jon Kelly, a producer who has worked with Kate Bush, Chris Rea and Tori Amos. "I am pleased to be involved, and I look forward to working with these artists in the future."

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