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Last week I wrote about the QQQQ Crash Plus system, which is a system for playing mini-crashes in the QQQQ ETF. Here is the QQQQ Crash+ System, but applied to all stocks, not just the QQQQs.

Wow, I didn't know this: 2006 was the worst year for hit music albums since 1983.

So it's all over. The United Kingdom has finally finished paying their World War II debt to us.

Merger arbitrage was always one of Warren Buffett's favorite techniques when he was building his hedge fund.

Here are the latest merger arbitrage plays: the list of public companies getting acquired, and the annualized returns one would get per target if you bought the target and held until the estimated close. This list will be updated on a regular basis.

Joe Cit takes a look at Buffet-esque company Harley Davidson ( HOG).

Great stats from the Club for Growth about what happens to the markets when Congress is in session as opposed to when it is not.

Eric Savitz provides a nice summary of why Google ( GOOG) remains a strong buy.

The Big Picture reviews the 2006 returns from every country. I had no idea that Russia and India were up 51% and 49%, respectively, or that Israel was down 6%.

SINLetter posted its 10 stocks for 2007 list at Stockpickr.

Finding Cents compares China's two oil giants, Petrochina ( PTR) and Sinopec ( SNP).

Gold Stock Bull believes Sasol ( SSL) is the way to play the liquid coal revolution.

Hmm, I didn't know this either: John Edwards works for a hedge fund.

It's amazing how many companies believe they can compete with Google in the search engine business. John Battelle lists the top 100 search engines.

Compete has the rough stats on the relative popularities of MLB.com vs. NFL.com vs. NBA.com vs. NHL.com.
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