Welcome to Stockpickr! I'm very excited about this joint venture with TheStreet.com -- and I hope you'll be excited about it as a tool you can use to boost your trading performance.

First, some quick background, and then some tips on how you can use it.

Stockpickr started off as a tool I developed with colleagues to track our trading. We wanted a way to quickly see what the best hedge funds were in, and then what companies were potentially related to those stocks so we can have a number of ways to piggyback the best investors.

We kept expanding the functionality, depending on what we were interested in for our own trading and research, and finally decided to open it up to everyone, with the idea that the more people involved in the sharing of ideas, the better the ideas will be.

Here are some of the ways in which Stockpickr can help come up with good trading and investing ideas -- or if you can't wait, go over and check it out for yourself now -- you can either surf around and view others' portfolios, or you can get started on setting up your own.


When you enter in your portfolio of stocks we look for portfolios that are related to yours. We look for Pro portfolios (the portfolios of the top hedge funds and mutual funds), top-rated portfolios, most-viewed portfolios, recently added portfolios, etc. Then, based on portfolios related to yours, and various other criteria, we come up with a blended set of 5 recommendations ranging from conservative to speculative.

Browsing Pro Portfolios:

Using a dozen or so databases, both public and proprietary, we've come up with the top 1000 mutual funds and hedge funds and super investors ( Warren Buffett, George Soros, etc) and have entered their top holdings into our database. Using Stockpickr you can easily browse these portfolios, drill down on stocks that interest you, check out overlapping funds and portfolios, etc.

Spotlight Portfolios:

Every day we highlight interesting portfolios that we think are topical or investment-worthy -- which I'll also be writing about in my daily column on TheStreet.com ( click here for today's column, which concerns George Soros). These run the gamut: IBDs list of top-rated stocks (using their Canslim methodology) that are moving higher on unusual volume; the list of top 10 stocks trading below their current net asset value; the top closed-end funds trading at the highest discount to their net asset value; a list of alternative energy stocks that we think will do well; and many more.

Top-Rated Portfolios:

We keep track of the top-rated portfolios as ranked by the Stockpickr community. In addition to being a ranking mechanism, rating a portfolio also functions as a bookmark for you. All the portfolios you rate can be tracked on your home page at Stockpickr. Additionally, whenever a portfolio you've rated a "4" is updated, you receive an email informing you of the change.

Most-Viewed Portfolios:

It's interesting to follow the portfolios of the ones that have been the most viewed on the site. Warren Buffett is usually a favorite, along with the "other oracle of Omaha" -- Wally Weitz, who runs the Weitz mutual funds -- who is the fifth most viewed. Another favorite is our list of Takeover Targets which is the tenth most viewed. You can check the rest out here.

Today's Lists: Each day, we present in "Stockpickr format" (the ability to see what other portfolios own each stock), the lists of stocks that are particularly relevant for that day's trading:

Do-It-Yourself Portfolios: These are the portfolios made by Stockpickr members that may or may not contain detailed analysis on each pick. These portfolios often contain more valuable ideas and insight than the pro portfolios. Additionally, many professional money managers and hedge fund managers have been putting their portfolios in the do-it-yourself section, for example the Keyrock Energy portfolio.

Similar Portfolios: When you enter in your portfolio and signup for Stockpickr, if you go to your home page and look on the right you will see a list of portfolios, Pro and Do-It-Yourself, that are highly correlated with yours. These might contain stocks worth looking at that you haven't considered before. It also might be a starting point for correspondence with the portfolio creator about ideas you hold in common.

I'm Feeling Lucky: This button near the top is an excellent tool for either finding stock ideas or for wiling away the time while on the telephone. Clicking that button takes you to a random Pro or Do-It-Yourself portfolio that contains detailed analysis on the stocks in the portfolio.

Active Trader: If you trade a lot, go to this section. It has listings of various quant trading systems that could help you identify a potentially profitable trading setup. Check back daily to see what's setting up for that day. Systems include: The QQQQ Crash+, The 3x2 system, etc. And to see what you should do when it snows in Central Park in New York City, check out the Blizzard System.

The Stockpickr Community: The "Why I Like" comments, the "Why I Hate" comments, the forums and the internal messaging can all point the direction to new ideas and analysis.

The Stockpickr Blog: We will be regularly updating the blog to point to our own analysis of the different portfolios and funds featured on stockpickr. For instance, the best activist hedge funds to piggyback (and how to use the site to effectively follow the funds' positions), the most creative ETFs, etc. We also have the Stockpickr Blog Index in our blog area to link to the best blogs and analysis on the Net. Many of the bloggers also have a portfolio in the Do-It-Yourself portfolios and we consider the blogging community part of the Stockpickr family.

In addition to these features we will also be writing a "Stockpickr Portfolio of the Day" article each day on TheStreet.com, featuring analysis of new portfolios on the site.

So check it now.
At the time of publication, Altucher and/or his fund had no positions in stocks mentioned, although positions may change at any time.

James Altucher is a managing partner at Formula Capital, an alternative asset management firm that runs several quantitative-based hedge funds as well as a fund of hedge funds. He is also the author of Trade Like a Hedge Fund and Trade Like Warren Buffett. Under no circumstances does the information in this column represent a recommendation to buy or sell stocks. Altucher appreciates your feedback; click here to send him an email.

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