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Stocks most likely to surprise over the next year, based on low earnings expectations and low PEG, but steady growth.

Equity Investment Ideas passes the time reading the collected works of activist investor Dan Loeb.

Wow. If this is a hint of things to come, I bet Google ( GOOG - Get Report) is the one to pull it off.

Activist Clone sets up the Activist Consensus portfolio: stocks heavily held by activist hedge funds.

ETF Trends wonders why not Malaysia?

Biohealth Investor likes the whole dental industry.

Ticker Sense reminds us of the best and worst stocks of the year.

Saturday, Barron's put up their favorite gadgets list. I set up the Barron's Gadget Index to look at the stocks that make each gadget.

Special Situations believes Duke ( DUK - Get Report) has a potential spinoff coming.

Donaldson Capital stakes out the bull case, and I agree with it.

Speaking of crashes, World Beta discusses the top historical drawdowns of every major asset class.

Great post by Stock Reply on the Libery keiretsu: Liberty Global ( LBTYA), Discovery Holding ( DISCA), Liberty Media Capital and Liberty Media Interactive ( LINTA).

The Microcap Speculator is short HandHeld Entertainment ( ZVUE), which, interestingly, is run by Google founder Larry Page's brother, Carl.

Warren Buffett, straight out of YouTube.

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