Would you expect to see more M&A like the WiderThan acquisition within Asian technology?

M&A activity has definitely picked up in Asia -- not only are U.S. companies buying Asian companies, but within Asia itself there's more M&A. In Korea, some of the big telecom companies have been very keen on acquiring good content, so they're buying up small gaming firms, small Internet portals.

People in Asia use technology in different ways than in the U.S. Where do you think we might see new business models developing in Asian technology?

We've seen some cases of how a new market could provide companies with new opportunities. For example, the broadband penetration rate in Korea is at a very high level, and Korean companies have really created an online-gaming business model. They've been able to commercialize and export that model to China, and to some extent to the U.S. as well. I think we'll see more examples of that, creating a new business model for servicing Asian consumers and possibly exporting that. But the bigger story is within Asia.