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Equity Investment Ideas brings us the trading secrets of George Soros. And click here to see Soros's top holdings plus the other funds that are piggybacking Soros.

I kind of admire Paris Hilton for her business success.

In an interesting mashup, Gawker demonstrates the smell map of NYC subways.

24/7 Wall Street continues its study of the 10 worst managed companies by looking at Conexant Systems ( CNXT) and Journal Register ( JRC).

This is the first year that the entire Forbes 400 is made up of billionaires. I always wonder about how many additional people should be on that list but nobody's ever even heard of them.

Is there even demand for all of these new ETFs?

Fat Pitch Financials does a special moat check on Apache ( APA)

Modern Graham looks at the 15 defensive companies with the lowest P/E . And to see what other hedge funds or mutual funds are in these check here.

One Guys Investment reviews American Science and Engineering ( ASEI) bomb detection company.

Ticker Sense back-tests Sell on Rosh Hashanah and buy on Yom Kippur.

It's almost like activism in "The Wizard of Oz" but, the Lion Fund raises its stake in Friendly Ice Cream ( FRN).

That was then. Pogue looks back at the headlines on Apple ( AAPL) in 1996.

Paul Graham details his lessons for startups. I found the list to be very valuable.

This is sort of like me.

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