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10Q Detective spies on Force Protection ( FRPT).

Controlled Greed notes that the Prudent Speculator is bullish on housing stocks.

According to Special Situation Investing, hedge fund Pardus is getting closer to a deal with Bally Total Fitness ( BFT).

Stocksadvice thinks Whole Foods ( WFMI) is worth a look here.

The closest thing to a guaranteed 130% profit on your money that I've ever seen.

Trader Feed with the insightful post of the day: How would you like to own this stock?

The effect of stock buybacks on the market's dividend yield.

Seeking Alpha wonders if Monster Worldwide ( MNST) is threatened by niche job boards. Thia begs the question: who will build the first meta niche jobs search engine -- scraping and aggregating the jobs off of these boards?

When I was growing up, I lived about 30 feet from Johnson & Johnson ( JNJ) world headquarters. Little did I know that much later it would be the Modern Graham company of the week.

TechCrunch examines the new Google ( GOOG)- eBay ( EBAY) advertising deal.

I really like reading about companies I've never heard of. Ant and Sons educates about Arabian American ( ARSD).

Is it true that taller people earn more than shorter people?

This video is so amazing that even the New York Times wrote an article about it.
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