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24/7 Wall St weighs in on Oracle ( ORCL) making continuous 52-week highs in this environment.

Equity Investment Ideas dares to think the unthinkable: Perhaps a Ford ( F) and GM ( GM) merger is the way to go.

Inspirational post of the day: Interesting story and advice from a guy who was one of the initial employees/ IPO millionaires when Apple ( AAPL) went public in 1980.

Speaking of Apple, the "secret" diary of Steve Jobs.

Rampant Speculations asks if the ratio of oil over natural gas, now near an all-time high, will mean-revert as it always does.

Footnoted finds one of the "stranger clauses" she's ever seen in an 8-K.

An interesting post on age and entrepreneurship that asks: Is one too "old" to maintain the 24x7 schedule that entrepreneurship requires if one is older than 29? Fortunately, the blog post has a satisfactory answer for me (I'm 38).

More on the weird pink-sheet story of Paivis ( PAIV).

iSteve discovers why Google ( GOOG) is worth a gazillion.

And on that topic, VC Fred Wilson (an early investor in GeoCities, which then sold to Yahoo! ( YHOO) for $3 billion) breaks down the eternal GOOG vs. YHOO debate.

And further on this topic, Blogging stocks asks if the Yahoo!- Microsoft ( MSFT) alliance might start to chip away at Google's advantage.

Speaking of which, Search Engine Guide is out with the latest market share numbers of the major search engines.

GuruFocus replays a recent interview with George Soros.

An interesting view from a pioneer in search.

I've been scooping up domain names lately (10 years too late as usual) and I have to agree with Independent Sources that these are the "unintentionally worst company URLs" ever.

This is a wild mashup of Google Maps and YouTube.

And, on that note, I can't figure out why this video has 30 million downloads.

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