Boeing ( BA) added two orders to its 787 Dreamliner book and named a customer placing 14 orders for its next-generation 737.

The news comes out of England's Farnborough air show, where Boeing and rival Airbus are dueling for publicity. Airbus has been in a tailspin lately amid development problems for its giant A380 and a ballooning budget for its redesigned A350, which had to be drastically reconfigured after customers criticized it and embraced the more economical 787.

Boeing said the 737 order came from Pacific LifeCorp's Aviation Capital Group and is worth $987 million at list prices. The order had been listed on Boeing's order book but the identity of the customer hadn't been disclosed.

Boeing said the 787 order comes from Pegasus Aviation Finance of San Francisco. The six-plane order, worth $918 million at list prices, supersedes a four-plane order made earlier by an affiliated buyer.

Boeing also said it is making "solid progress" on the 787 in the wake of reports this week of weight and supplier issues.

Mike Bair, vice president and general manager of the 787 program, said in a Tuesday press release that "development efforts are wrapping up and production of the super-efficient jetliner is under way at sites around the world."