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Probably the post of the week: Capital Spectator takes a look at the year-to-date returns, the P/E ratios, the dividend yields, etc., of every region in the world and tries to figure out where the opportunities are.

Crossing Wall Street takes a contrarian look at Home Depot. As an aside, why does everyone always pick on Home Depot? As in, "If this business doesn't work out for me then I guess I'll be sweeping floors at Home Depot" sort of thing?

Mark Cuban is bored of the Internet. In spite of his boredom, Enabling Angels points out Cuban's recent Internet-related investment.

Investor Geeks asks what makes a 10-bagger. And then hones in on Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies.

Phoenix-like uber-analyst Henry Blodget takes his best guesses on Google's numbers for Q2.

"Scientist/Athlete" Art De Vany breaks down the basics of Motion Picture Finance. These are great posts.

VentureBlog shares a story of two entrepreneurs he was impressed with and why.

The Internet is really creating some amazing business models. It will be interesting to see how this one will eventually turn out.

WisdomTree is a very interesting public company. This is the company started by Saul Steinberg's son (and Maria Bartiromo's husband) Jonathan Steinberg that has also had funding/advice from the likes of Michael Steinhardt, Jeremy Seigel and other big names. Basically, they are creating active ETFs as competitors to the QQQQs, SPYs, etc. I think it's a potential huge kick to the mutual fund and even hedge fund industries if they succeed. Anyway, The Art of Streetplay takes a look at the company.

I really do believe that if you have a site with traffic, the business model will come. And even if it doesn't, someone will still buy your company. The key is getting traffic. Part of the trick of getting traffic is search engine optimization. Chris Sherman at Search Engine Watch breaks it down for us.

I fail miserably at this. Which is probably why I'm the worst at negotiating.

Well, now it's been a year and two days since Kyle began his attempt to trade his way from a red paperclip to a house. Check out the result.

Metacafe's video of the month and it's amazing.

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