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Very nice analysis by Tim Boyd at Seeking Alpha on why Google ( GOOG) is still his No. 1 Internet stock.

Brett Steenbarger over at TraderFeed discusses what historically happens when the S&P 500 is up on a five-day basis but most of the volume has been in stocks that went down, as has occurred from Tuesday to Tuesday of this week.

So what is all this backdating options stuff all about, anyway? Financial Rounds gives us a primer.

You have a Web site or a blog that's generating traffic. The AdSense blog does a Q&A on how to put Google ads on the site to make some money. But then again, Art of Money calls this the equivalent of swallowing the blue pill in The Matrix; i.e., your business is not real.

Trekkies, covet: Can I have one?

Mining? Mongolia? Stock promotion? UBS saying a speculative buy? Bill Cara takes a peek at Ivanhoe Mining ( IVN).

Dealbreaker discusses Superman's true earnings potential if he were more of a capitalist.

Crossing Wall Street notes that the Vatican made a $12.4 million profit in 2005, despite the $9 million funeral for Pope John Paul II.

A few weeks ago I wrote about how the media was mostly misinterpreting the so-called negative personal savings rate. John Rutledge is my white knight..

In Thursday's Daily Blog Watch , I wrote about News Corp.'s ( NWS) MySpace being the #1 trafficked site on the Internet. Yahoo! ( YHOO) disputes the numbers, and Jeremy Zawodny takes a look at this debate.

Malcolm Gladwell makes an interesting point about CEO compensation when he discusses what Charlie Wilson of General Motors ( GM) made in 1949.

O'Reilly Radar reviews Web-based instant-messaging company Meebo. I'm sort of jealous of the Meebo guys. I'm a big user now of Meebo.com (in place of Time Warner's ( TWX) AOL IM software, which seems buggy to me) for my messaging, and it's actually a fairly simple piece of programming. But, hey, they did it, not me.

Check out The Uranium Index by Stokblogs. I covered Pink Sheets' uranium post in a Blog Watch last month .

Defender was my game, so I'm not ashamed to admit that this chimp would give me a run for my money.

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