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Jim Cramer let viewers of his "Mad Money" TV show in on a secret Wednesday and told them there is one reason why certain stocks are going up, while others are going down: pricing power.

Cramer said he has a list of the top-10 sectors and stocks with the power to raise prices.

Before listing the stocks, he told viewers of certain sectors that do not possess pricing power. He pointed out Advanced Micro Devices ( AMD) and Intel ( INTC) as two examples of companies that are in the midst of a pricing war.

When companies fight over pricing, everyone loses, he said. But it's not just computer chips that are bad, he added. General Motors ( GM) and Ford ( F) are powerless too, as are Dow Chemical ( DOW) and Gap ( GPS).

Discount online brokers, media companies and software/hardware companies, such as Nortel ( NT) and Lucent ( LU), are having pricing trouble, too, he said, adding that the telecom sector doesn't have an ounce of pricing power.

10 Sectors With Plenty of Juice

All of these stocks are getting killed because they don't have pricing power, he said. So which stocks can and do make you money? Cramer had a list of 10 price increases that can make you money.

First, he started with the commercial real estate sector, while pointing out a Wall Street Journal article that said Manhattan office space is a hot spot. To take advantage, Cramer said, he is in favor of Equity Office Properties Trust ( EOP) and Vornado Realty Trust ( VNO).

"These stocks shouldn't get hit with downside surprises," he said. "They have pricing power in the real estate area."

The second sector Cramer concentrated on was aerospace market, which he called a duopoly. In this, he recommended buying Boeing ( BA).

Its competitor, Airbus, is not doing well and can't seem to build its planes right. But all the while, he said, the demand for planes is increasing, and Boeing is likely to take prices up as Airbus falls apart.

The third sector Cramer named was the refining industry. Valero ( VLO) is the best of the refiners and is controlling the market's capacity with 95%, he said, adding that he doesn't see competition coming from any direction.

No. 4 on his list was chemicals, with stock pick Air Products ( APD), which controls half of the global hydrogen market. There is too much demand and not enough hydrogen, he said. That gives Air Products pricing power.

In the specialty materials arena, Cramer named Brush Engineered Materials ( BW) as his top choice and said it possesses monopoly pricing power.

Moving on to the sixth sector, Cramer said the biotech space has had high prices because of cancer drugs. In this industry, he advised people to take a look at Genentech ( DNA) and Celgene ( CELG), both of which he said have unbelievable pricing power.

Seventh on Cramer's list was the defense business.

"They can get away with ridiculous price increases since we are in the middle of a war," he said. The best plays in this area are Lockheed Martin ( LMT) and General Dynamics ( GD), he said.

The barge business was Cramer's eighth sector pick, with Kirby ( KEX) as his top pricing-power stock.

Since oil rigs are in short supply, Cramer named Transocean ( RIG) as a pick.

The final pricing-power industry Cramer named was minerals with BHP Billiton ( BHP) and EuroZinc Mining ( EZM) as his top two in that area.

The Boss Drops By

Cramer welcomed Jeff Zucker, the CEO of NBC Universal Television Group onto the show and asked him how he plans on beating the Web in the interactivity game and where he plans to add it.

"Interactivity has to be huge part of what we do in television," Zucker said. "We have to bring it to the rest of CNBC, we have to bring it to our network news shows and primetime programming, as well."

Zucker said he believes interactivity is a big part of where television has to go in the next year, and Cramer is leading the way by incorporating it into his show.

Cramer said that while NBC is gaining momentum, cable is rocking, and he asked Zucker how he balances the two.

"We love all our children the same," Zucker replied. The NBC cable entertainment group is doing excellent and is where some great growth has been, he said.

"If we take something from USA and put it on NBC, we have to protect USA just like we have protect NBC," he said.

When Cramer asked Zucker if he would ever do what News Corp. ( NWS) did with MySpace, Zucker responded that while Facebook is looking for something out of their range, they have placed a bet in that area and gone with iVillage.

IVillage is the biggest space for women on the Web, so we think there is a lot of synergy there with our core projects, he said.

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Am I Nuts?

In a game of Am I Nuts?, patient number one asked Dr. Cramer if she was crazy for wanting to invest all of her money overseas in China and India.

Cramer said that while it is not crazy to look at India and China, he suggested putting on 10% in India and 10% in China and investing the rest in U.S. companies, especially since neither of those regimes has had a long history of making people money.

In India, Cramer recommended Tata Motors ( TTM), and for a play on China, he said to look at Las Vegas Sands ( LVS).

While the Las Vegas Sands might seem different, Cramer said he's begun to see casinos as being more addiction stocks and not discretionary stocks.

The next patient asked Cramer about Johnson & Johnson ( JNJ).

He said he has never seen the stock as cheap as it is in his life and said the patient was right to own Johnson & Johnson, as long as she had a diversified portfolio.

Lightning Round

Cramer was bullish on Sony ( SNE), GameStop ( GME), Estee Lauder ( EL), Sears Holdings ( SHLD), Yamana ( AUY), Smith & Wesson ( SWB), Altria ( MO), World Wrestling Entertainment ( WWE), Legg Mason ( LM) and Continental Airlines ( CAL).

Cramer was bearish on Avon ( AVP), Newmont Mining ( NEM), Martha Stewart ( MSO) and Janus Capital ( JNS).

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At time of publication, Cramer was long Sears and Altria.

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