Chances are that we are going to have a lot of hurricanes this year, and that can make investors some money, Jim Cramer said on his "RealMoney" radio show Tuesday.

Some plays he believes could make people money during hurricane season are Nabors ( NBR), Southwestern Energy ( SWN) and Grey Wolf ( GW), he said.

Although Cramer said he underestimated hurricane season last year, this year he believes natural gas is going to go up during the hurricane season.

"Natural gas is a coiled spring," he said.

Nabors, which Cramer owns for his charitable trust, Action Alerts PLUS , is one of the worst-performing stocks in its group, he said.

Nabors is a coiled spring that is down 19% and should go up, he said.

Southwestern is another stock down 19% for year that Cramer doesn't believe can go down much more. In addition, Grey Wolf, at $7, is half a point from its low, he said.

Some might be temped to buy Chesapeake Energy ( CHK), but the problem with this is that it keeps issuing stock, Cramer said.

Cramer advised viewers to stay flexible in their views regarding stocks. Flexibility is necessary to make money in the market, he said.

For example, Cramer said last week he was worried about TD Ameritrade ( AMTD), which he owns for his charitable trust, Action Alerts PLUS , because it seemed to be going down every day.

But then Bank of America came out with a research report about Ameritrade that insinuated a shortfall wasn't going to happen. Now, Cramer said he isn't worried about it anymore.

"Had I cut and run when I was worried about it, I would have sold it at $13 and now it's at $14," he said, adding that he believes the stock is finished going down and wants to buy it.

People need to be flexible, he reiterated. They can't cut and run.

Cramer said he believes Ameritrade has bottomed. He stuck with the stock because the company was good.

On the other hand, Seagate ( STX) is a company Cramer said does not have it right now, and he doesn't see a reason to stick with it.

Earnings Take Over

For weeks and weeks, the market was trying to figure out what the Fed was going to do, but now the focus is earnings, Cramer said.

So far, companies' earnings forecasts have not been pretty, he said, although Cramer added he is an optimist on the long term.

Late Monday, Alcoa ( AA) reported an earnings report that seemed good, but then the CEO spoke after the company reported numbers and Alcoa finished down $1.50.

" Alcoa's CEO is a stock killer," Cramer said. "He laid out a bearish scenario."

Last week, Advanced Micro Devices ( AMD) signaled there would be a price war between it and Intel ( INTC), he said.

In addition, EMC ( EMC) came out and announced it will not be able to meet earnings estimates because of product transitions.

Lucent ( LU), which Cramer said he doesn't like, has been a serial disappointer and guided down for years.

"Business is bad. So where's all the money going?" Cramer asked. Food and drugs will do well now, in addition to companies that are countercyclical, he said.

Some examples of the companies that he believes might do well are: Consolidated Edison ( ED), Exelon ( EXC), Coca-Cola ( CCE), Celgene ( CELG), Pepsi ( PEP) and GlaxoSmithKline ( GSK).

The market has been going down, but one stock has been going up, Cramer said. This one stock is Sears, ( SHLD) which he owns for his charitable trust, Action Alerts PLUS , he said.

"It's acting like a shield against the downside," Cramer said.

While its competitors Home Depot ( HD) and Lowe's ( LOW)are acting hideously, Sears is headed up, he said.

Not only are other companies in its industry down, but Sears just had a negative ruling in Canada, in which its bid to takeover Sears Canada was rejected.

But despite these two pieces of negative news, Sears' stock is not going lower, Cramer said. This, he believes, is because the company has been buying back its stock.

Sears is a $24 billion company and the No. 3 retailer in country, behind Wal-Mart ( WMT) and Target ( TGT).

Sears management owns 50% of the company and is continuing to buy back stock, he said, adding that people should look for companies that have buybacks, because they serve as protection.

Boeing Boom

Boeing ( BA) is the best company in the aerospace market, Cramer told a caller.

He said he would pull the trigger on this company right now.

Cramer then turned to Gilead ( GILD), which he said is the type of company that will perform well in this market. The drug stock, with the probability of three down and 10 up, has less upside than downside, he said, advising the caller to wait until Gilead comes in a bit before buying some. (The stock was recently trading at $61.48).

BEA Systems ( BEAS) is up from $8 to $11 and is probably going to give half of that gain back, Cramer told a caller.

If you can take the pain, then he believes six to eight months out people will be rewarded for their patience. But right now he said people will not be rewarded, as he believes the stock might go down. The Nasdaq is a brutal place right now, he said.

When a caller inquired about Titanium Metals ( TIE), Cramer said he does not want to touch any stock in this group right now.

He said he recommended Allegheny Technologies ( ATI) a while ago and cashed in on the profit. He said the group was too difficult to be in right now.

Cramer told a caller that although Qualcomm ( QCOM), which he owns for his charitable trust, Action Alerts PLUS , is an awful stock, it is a good company.

"It's been a huge disappointment," he said. "I am not blind to what has happened to Qualcomm, but the company is doing well, so I can't give up."

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At the time of publication, Cramer was long TD Ameritrade, Nabors, Qualcomm and Sears.

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