The agriculture and aerospace sectors are the two bright spots in the market right now, Jim Cramer said on his "RealMoney" radio show Monday.

Previously, companies that make planes and tractors had not been hot because of the notion that the economy is slowing and the Fed has continued to raise rates, he said. But agriculture and aerospace companies are immune to those pressures since most of their orders are from overseas, he said.

Cramer said he cares more about the Chinese, Brazilian and European economies when it comes to these sectors, and he added that agriculture and aerospace should not be getting hurt as much as the home market.

In the agriculture sector he predicted Deere ( DE) and Agco ( AG) are two companies that should rally in the face of Fed tightenings.

In addition, Honeywell ( HON) and Gehl ( GEHL) are two companies that should be going up since Boeing ( BA) is up, he said.

Triple Threat

Altria ( MO), which Cramer owns for his charitable trust, Action Alerts PLUS , is close to becoming three different companies, and he believes it is a buy.

Altria does two things, he said. It is a tobacco company and a food company. If people buy the stock they will have shares in a domestic tobacco company, an international tobacco company and Kraft Foods ( KFT).

People are not behind Altria as much as they are behind other tobacco stocks, and Cramer believes this is a mistake on the part of stock market.

Although the domestic and international tobacco businesses have shown good growth since they're a play in China, Kraft has been a terrible stock, he said. But now a lot of companies in the food business are doing well, he said.

At $78, he said Altria is not finished going up. He said he sees it as a $100 stock and is one of his favorites out there.

Google ( GOOG), a free search business which makes money off its searches by selling ads, now wants to be your phone company and you internet service provider, as well, Cramer said.

Investor's Business Daily recently reported that Google, which is working on this move secretly, has bought dark fiber. All of this is under wraps and is undisclosed, Cramer said.

eBay ( EBAY) is trying to do same thing, and that's why it bought Skype. But even though they've gotten growth, they haven't been able to figure out how to make a penny off of it, he said, emphasizing that eBay is not a buy.

Yahoo! ( YHOO), which Cramer owns for his charitable trust, Action Alerts PLUS , has a partnership with AT&T ( T).

However, Cramer believes Google might make more money by coming out with its own phone, than Yahoo! will with its partnership, he said.

Hansen on Hold

Hansen Natural's ( HANS) 4-for-1 split took effect on Monday, Cramer told a caller, but the near-term hit to the stock should only last a couple of sessions.

Cramer said when companies historically do 4-for-1 splits, people who own the stock usually sell one of the four shares in the first couple of days after the split.

He estimated the pain to last two more days. Although he emphasized that it's not set in stone that this will necessarily happen, he said history supports his belief that the stock will stabilize in the next couple of days after the market digests the company's additional shares.

Whole Foods ( WFMI) is a little too expensive right now, Cramer told a caller. He advised waiting for the company to come in before buying all its shares at once.

Mohawk Industries ( MHK) is a good carpet business, which is related to the housing market, he said.

"We could be talking about sinks, faucets or cabinets," Cramer said. "All the companies that make things for the home are now at or near their 52-week low."

Cramer said he would stick with Mohawk because he believes the Fed is close to the end in raising interest rates, at which time, he said, Mohawk might go up.

When a caller inquired about Foot Locker ( FL), Cramer recommended taking profit now.

Women's Wear Daily reported Foot Locker is going to get a bid, he said. However, he doesn't believe the bid will increase the stock's price significantly. If there is a bid, Cramer said the stock might go up to $28, but if there isn't a bid, it could go down to $25. Foot Locker was recently at $27.59.

Since this is not a good risk/reward, Cramer said he would hit the eject button and get out now.

Cramer told another caller, who asked about Wachovia ( WB), that it isn't growing as much as Wells Fargo ( WFC).

Since he doesn't believe it is going to do as well as Wells Fargo, he recommended swapping out of Wachovia and getting into Wells Fargo.

Suncor Energy ( SU), the largest oil sands company in the world, is an opportunity, he said. The market is very tough right now, Cramer said, but he believes Suncor is getting higher.

"Wait 'til tomorrow and then pull the trigger," he said.

Meanwhile, he advised selling some Aeropostale ( ARO) right now.

Since the company has had a big run, and players have received a nice gain from owning its stock, Cramer said it's time to cut it in half.

Although he said he's not negative on Aeropostale, he said he is negative short term on companies whose stock have had a big run.

Cramer warned a caller to beware of tech stocks, as that sector has not been doing well, he said. The stocks of some tech companies that are doing well are going down just as fast as stocks from companies that are not doing so well, he said.

Although he believes Apple ( AAPL)is a great back-to-school and Christmas story, he said it might be wise to get out of it for the short term.

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At the time of publication, Cramer was long Altria and Yahoo!

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