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Fast-Food Money Fast

Tim Hortons, the largest fast-food chain in Canada with 27.7% of the market based on traffic, is going public this week, Jim Cramer told "Mad Money" viewers Monday. And he believes that it's a chance to make some mad money fast.

"How can I tell beforehand that when this stock starts trading it should go up?" he asked. "It's all about the roadshow."

"Think of the road show as a mini-Broadway play that's all about pimping the stock. ... And just like a Broadway show, it starts in the so-called provinces and then ends in New York," Cramer said.

Cramer said that Wall Street firms interested in buying the stock send a "face person" to the roadshow, because they are sure to get a better allocation at the IPO if they sign in. And the more people that show up, the more interest there is in the stock.

"The headcount for Tim Hortons was off the charts," he said. The price range is at $18 to $20 a share, but Cramer also believes that the underwriters are going to have to raise that range.

"And when you get bump after bump in the price range, that's a fabulous sign that you have to be in," he said.

But how do you make money off of this IPO? Tim Hortons, which will trade on the NYSE under the symbol THI, will not be a cheap stock, he said.

And it certainly won't be cheap if it goes to $28, which is where Cramer expects it to go, given the success of Chipotle ( CMG).

But a stock is only cheap or expensive relative to where it's going, he reminded viewers, adding that "this stock is going higher." Plus, he said that we know there's strong demand, but a small float, meaning that not many shares will be offered.

But Cramer warned that this is not a long-term investment. "Growth is already very contained in its core market," he said, adding that they've saturated Canada. Even with strong same-store sales, this is not a growth story.

And most of their stores are operated by franchisees, he said. "That should make you a little squeamish." No. 3 U.S. burger chain Wendy's International ( WEN) is due to sell a roughly 15% stake in the chain.

This is a trade off high demand at the IPO and the small float, he said. So he said to place an order up to $24 with one of the underwriters, such as Goldman Sachs, and sell once you get a reasonable profit.

"Don't be afraid to be a trader and take some profits when you've got them," he said.

Telling readers once again "how to read Cramer-style," he pointed out a headline in the The Washington Post that read: "Internet Phone Start-Ups Look Past Low Prices."

The article said that hundreds of new companies have cropped up to sell service in the past couple of years, and that venture capitalists are pouring money into the industry, Cramer said.

"The article is telling you that millions are going to Internet phone companies to build infrastructure," Cramer said. If he had written the article, the headline would have read: "Hundreds of Millions of Dollars Pouring into VoIP... So Buy Mindspeed Technologies ( MSPD)."

Cramer believes this company will get a big share of the buildup because it makes processors and fiber to the premises, or FTTP, necessary for VoIP (voice over Internet protocol).

Mindspeed is involved in fiber to the premises, he said, a business that also includes Finisar ( FNSR), JDSU ( JDSU) and Broadwing ( BWNG) attractive.

This will be the next cheap, little optical company to make a move, he said.

Plus, the stock was down more than 10%, so Cramer believes that now is a good opportunity to buy.

The stock has been a disaster up until now, he said, because the markets that it serves have "been abysmal up until very recently." But now they're finally in bull mode.

Everything that Cramer hates about local governments can make you money, and that's because they are finally replacing slow-moving and inefficient, overstaffed offices with technology that can make them cheaper and easier to run.

And when municipal governments want to make themselves more efficient, they turn to Tyler Technologies ( TYL), which makes software used to automate local governments and their records.

The company serves more than 6,000 local government clients, but that's out of a pool of 87,000, which Cramer said shows it has not begun to penetrate the market.

"They have found the Moby Dick of markets," Cramer said.

This kind of growth is what you should be chasing relentlessly, he said, adding that investors have an opportunity to capitalize on the wastefulness of having a decentralized municipal government system.

Who's So Vain?

Finally, Cramer has said again and again that there's money to be made in the vanity of baby boomers.

"The wheels of capitalism are greased by good-looking skin," said Cramer. And with that, he welcomed Jonah Shacknai, chairman and chief executive of Medicis Pharmaceutical ( MRX).

Shacknai said that the wrinkle treatment Reloxin, which already has a strong market position overseas, should boost his company's bottom line. Under a new deal that became effective today, Medicis now has rights to develop, distribute and market the botulinum toxin product in the U.S., Canada and Japan.

Shacknai said that his company won the battle for the distribution rights to Reloxin because Medicis believes strongly in the product.

Cramer pointed out that some analysts said that the last quarter was lackluster, but Shacknai said that it's all about "performance in the current scheme of things."

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Lightning Round


Cramer was bullish on Rent-A-Center ( RCII), Conexant Systems ( CNXT), Wal-Mart ( WMT), Rambus ( RMBS), Ericsson ( ERICY), Cameco ( CCJ), GameStop ( GME), Triad Hospitals ( TRI), Halliburton ( HAL), Nabors ( NBR) Cendant ( CD), Vodafone ( VOD), Alcan ( AL), Powerwave Technologies ( PWAV), Marathon Oil ( MRO), Ultra Petroleum ( UPL), ConocoPhillips ( COP)and Chevron ( CVX).


Cramer was bearish on PF Chang's China Bistro ( PFCB), Comtech Telecommunications ( CMTL), USEC ( USU), HCA ( HCA), Bronco Drilling ( BRNC)and ViroPharma ( VPHM).

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