That Google ( GOOG) reached a 52-week high Friday is "right," said Jim Cramer Friday on his "RealMoney" radio show . That's because if reports are correct that Google is close to inking a deal with Time Warner's ( TWX) AOL, it is "game, set and match for the next leg of Google's dominance," he said.

Cramer said investors had become concerned an AOL partnership with Microsoft ( MSFT) might be a "Google-killer" if the combination could build a comprehensive desktop solution for instant messaging, email, search and Internet. But now that it appears Microsoft is out of the running, Google is free to run. The "cloud is going to lift," he said.

Cramer said another factor that has been affecting Google is end-of-the-year rebalancing of the Nasdaq 100 Trust ( QQQQ). Google is being added to the Nasdaq 100, he sad, which means funds that are indexed to the list need to sell other Nasdaq stocks and buy Google. Cramer believes those funds did their selling earlier this week and that they are now buying Google.

Cramer, Unstumped

Stocks Under $10 co-author Dave Peltier joined Cramer to discuss the stocks from Thursday's "Stump Cramer" segment.

Peltier said Multi-Fineline Electronix' ( MFLX) stock had doubled in the last year, and while it appears to be a good company with a clean balance sheet, he would like to see the stock pull back to the mid-$30s before taking a look at it. Cramer said he does not view the company's business of flexible electronic circuits for cell phones, laptops and PDAs as proprietary. A "lot of people could be" in that business, he said.

Peltier said UAP Holdings ( UAPH) appeared to be a stable company but that its line of seeds, fertilizers and agricultural chemicals don't consist of the top brands.

Of @Road ( ARDI), Peltier said the stock is a "screaming buy." The company makes GPS products for tracking service and delivery trucks. @Road is profitable and has $2 a share in cash, he said. The company has a "pretty wide selling base," and its products are currently being used by Verizon. Peltier believes the stock can to the high-single digits.

"We've got to buy this @Road," said Cramer.

@Road traded at $5.79 late Friday.

Peltier said Pine Valley Mining ( PVMCF) was a "dog" of a stock and is "not worth messing around with." Cramer concurred.

Cambridge Display Technology ( OLED) has good technology, said Peltier. But it is an early-stage company that is not making money, and it is "hemorrhaging cash," he said.

"That's not for me at all," said Cramer.

Peltier would stay away from Newport ( NEWP), whose core business is selling to semiconductor equipment companies like KLA-Tencor ( KLAC) and Applied Materials ( AMAT). Newport's book-to-bill ratio is below 1, he said.

"Stay away from that one," said Cramer.

Finally, two stocks in the Stocks Under $10 newsletter that Peltier is bullish on are Evergreen Solar ( ESLR), which, he said, will be a big beneficiary of a decision last night by the California Public Utility Commision to give 10-year incentives for the home installation of solar panels, and Allscripts Healthcare Solutions ( MDRX), which is a "screaming buy." Peltier disagrees with a recent downgrade of the stock.

Cramer's Caller's and Emailers

In response to a question about John Deere ( DE), Cramer said he believe Deere is in the sweet spot with World Trade Organization talks breaking down. Farm subsidies aren't going away, he said, which means farmers will have more money to buy Deere's equipment.

Commenting on Advanced Micro Devices ( AMD), Cramer said he likes the stock and that it is not expensive. But if one had a big gain, it's always prudent to trim some stock until one is playing with the house's money.

Cramer said he really likes Ameritrade ( AMTD) and doesn't believe the stock will go down much after the company distributes a special $6 dividend. Cramer has been buying the stock aggressively, he said, for his charitable trust, ActionAlertsPLUS .

Cramer said a JP Morgan downgrade Friday of Alon USA Energy ( ALJ) "doesn't make a lot of sense." He believes it is an opportunity to buy the stock.

Cramer is bullish on PNM Resources ( PNM) because it has the fastest growth of any utility. The company pays a 3% yield, has the ability to raise the dividend and is a potential takeover target, he said.

Finally, Cramer said he would back up the truck to buy First Marblehead ( FMD). He believes the shorts are pushing the stock down and that Tom Brown of will be right.

"He's saying, 'back the truck up here,'" said Cramer. Cramer said he has always made "so much money" backing up the truck when Brown has said to do so.

First Marblehead "should be bought."

Lightning Round


Cramer was bullish on Urban Outfitters ( URBN), RF Micro Devices ( RFMD), Genentech ( DNA), St. Jude Medical ( STJ), Guitar Center ( GTRC), Monster Worldwide ( MNST), Halliburton ( HAL) and Schlumberger ( SLB).


Cramer was bearish on Build-A-Bear Workshop ( BBW), Petrobras Energia Participaciones ( PZE) and Plains Exploration & Production ( PXP).

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At the time of publication, Cramer was long Ameritrade, Halliburton and Microsoft.

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