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Jim Cramer, who's all about making money wherever it's legal, has found a new reason to like Broadcom ( BRCM) and Motorola ( MOT). The reason? Pornography.

Cramer told viewers of his "Mad Money" TV show Wednesday that Verizon ( VZ - Get Report) and Cingular are adopting content-rating systems for audio and video content delivered over its cell phones. Cramer believes this will open the door to cell-phone delivery of pornography.

Porn is a $57 billion market worldwide with $12 billion of that coming from the U.S. That's bigger than ABC, NBC and CBS combined, Cramer said.

In addition, 19% of Web traffic and 25% of Web searches are pornography-related, he said, and 40 million people in the U.S. regularly visit pornography Web sites.

Pornography has been a big driver of video-on-demand, and a U.K. survey found 25% of broadband Internet users there listed downloading pornography as a reason for upgrading to broadband.

Cramer sees these statistics spilling over into cell phones with the handset and peripherial makers benefiting the most. Cramer's favorite in the handset market is Motorola, and his favorite way to play peripherials is Broadcom.

In response to a question about whether the FCC might crack down on cell-phone porn, Cramer said he believes "that's exactly why the private companies designed their standards: to get the FCC off their backs."

Cash on the Cob

There's a corn glut in this country, which means lower prices for corn and more money for people who buy large quantities of it, said Cramer. "That means more money for Archer Daniels Midland ( ADM - Get Report)."

Archer Daniels Midland makes ethanol, which is made from corn, and when the price of corn goes down, "their margins explode," said Cramer.

Cramer has liked ADM as a play on ethanol-based plastics, an idea that has "been working," he said. "If they get it together, that's still worth looking into."

One chink in the story, however, is ADM reported a gross margin last quarter that was "not so hot," said Cramer. Higher shipping costs offset any benefit the company saw from lower corn prices, he said. "That should make you a little nervous."

But, this quarter, shipping costs should be coming down as oil comes down. And, corn is now even cheaper than it was last quarter, said Cramer. All of which makes ADM a good bet.

Commenting on other possible beneficiaries from lower corn prices, Cramer said companies such as Kellogg ( K - Get Report) or General Mills ( GIS - Get Report) might see a little boost, but it is "not enough reason to own either company." The "cellophane wrap inside the box costs more than the corn," he said.

Programmed for Growth

iRobot ( IRBT - Get Report), a company that makes military robots and robotic vacuum cleaners, launched its IPO Wednesday, and the stock closed up 11.25%. But, the odds are in favor of the stock moving up an additional 10 percent over the next several days, said Cramer.

Here's why. Of the 143 IPOs this year, 78 that were up on their first day of trading were also up five days after their IPO, said Cramer, with an average gain of 27%. If you waited until the second day of trading to buy, you would still have been up an average of 10%, he said.

Of the 78 stocks this year that were up five days after their IPO, 58 were profitable companies, said Cramer. iRobot is profitable. "That makes it a lot more likely this stock keeps going up," he said. The average return after five days for profitable companies is 32%, he said.

But, percentages aren't the only thing going for iRobot, said Cramer. Besides being profitable, Cramer believes iRobot represents the next generation of home appliances with its robotic vacuum, and the next generation of military technology.

The company has already sold 1.2 million of its robotic vacuums over the past three years, and has sold more than 200 military robots over the same time period, he said. Cramer added he wouldn't be surprised to see positive press coverage of the company Thursday.

So, be prepared to buy Thursday for four more days of solid upside, he said.

Panera Bread on the Rise

Panera Bread ( PNRA) CEO Ron Shaich joined Cramer by telephone. Cramer asked Shaich if he was worried in September when Panera's stock dropped below $50. Panera closed Wednesday at $61.15.

Shaich said he has seen his company's stock rise and fall. But, "over the long term, this company has delivered, and it will continue to deliver," he said.

Cramer asked Shaich about Panera's dinner business.

Shaich said it is Panera's core product of "artisan bread" that gives it "credibility across breakfast, lunch, evening and gathering place."

"What do you think about saturation at Panera?" asked Cramer.

"We don't know what the ultimate number is, but ... if you go to our most mature markets in the Midwest ..., you're going to find that we have penetration rates of more than one store per 100,000 people. That could equate out to as many as three, four, five thousand stores," said Shaich.

"Are you OK raw-costwise?" asked Cramer.

"Our margins have been under slight pressure this year," said Shaich, adding, "We've, in fact, encouraged it. We've rolled out an all natural, antibiotic-free chicken. Consumers have responded. Comp store sales have been up strongly, 7 1/2% year to date. It's cost us a little bit of margin, but it's added incremental profit," he said.

Cramer summed up the interview saying he's positive on Shaich and Panera Bread. Next time the stock has a precipitous decline such as the one in September, don't jump out the window. Consider buying the stock, he said.

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Random Musings

Commenting on news after the close, Cramer said Cisco ( CSCO - Get Report) "just can't seem to get it right. They're keeping the guidance pretty much the same. That's depressing to people."

Whole Foods Market ( WFMI) "had some storm problems; didn't deliver the big blowout," said Cramer. However, Cramer believes "Whole Foods, on the way down, is a buy, not a sell."

Broadcom's analyst meeting today was "something special," said Cramer.

Finally, oil guru Boone Pickens is "saying oil is going down to $50," said Cramer. Cramer said Pickens was right before when he said oil was going to $70, so "you gotta pay attention to Boone Pickens."

Lightning Round


Cramer was bullish on Target ( TGT - Get Report), Barnes & Noble ( BKS), Computer Sciences ( CSC), Costco Wholesale ( COST - Get Report), Exelon ( EXC - Get Report), Qualcomm ( QCOM - Get Report), Genentech ( DNA), Genzyme ( GENZ), Amgen ( AMGN - Get Report), Gilead Sciences ( GILD - Get Report), Celgene ( CELG - Get Report), Micron Technology ( MU - Get Report), Kyphon ( KYPH), Bill Barrett ( BBG), Bear Stearns ( BSC), Goldman Sachs ( GS - Get Report) and Morgan Stanley ( MWD).


Cramer was bearish on ( AMZN - Get Report), Sun Hydraulics ( SNHY), Intuitive Surgical ( ISRG - Get Report), BioCryst Pharmaceuticals ( BCRX - Get Report), Adams Respiratory Therapeutics ( ARXT), Jakks Pacific ( JAKK - Get Report), eBay ( EBAY - Get Report), 3Com ( COMS), Excel Maritime Carriers ( EXM), Merck ( MRK - Get Report), Abgenix ( ABGX), Texas Industries ( TXI), Fidelity National Financial ( FNF - Get Report), Visteon ( VC - Get Report), Arris ( ARRS), SeaChange International ( SEAC - Get Report), Taser ( TASR), Flextronics ( FLEX - Get Report), Celestica ( CLS - Get Report) and Solectron ( SLR).

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At the time of publication, Cramer was long General Mills, Motorola and Qualcomm.

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