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Navteq ( NVT) missed earnings estimates by a penny two weeks ago, and the stock went down 10 points. "That's an overreaction," said Jim Cramer Tuesday on his "Mad Money" TV show.

Cramer applauded a Piper Jaffray upgrade of the stock Tuesday, but the stock is still below where it was the day after it announced earnings. "Maybe no one heard Piper Jaffray," said Cramer. "Maybe I can help. You need to buy Navteq."

Road Range

Cramer is bullish on Navteq, which makes on-board navigation systems for vehicles, because it is the kind of "gadget" stock that fits his fourth-quarter tech rally thesis. Navteq is making inroads into the mass market, he said, as more and more lower-priced vehicles are equipped with the service.

The stock also historically does well in the fourth quarter, he said. Additionally, Google ( GOOG) uses Navteq's database to power its mapping Web site.

Cramer said Piper Jaffray is predicting 30% earnings growth for Navteq. If that happens, "growth junkies" will return to the stock, he said.

Commenting on GPS handheld-device maker Garmin ( GRMN), Cramer said he believes the company is also right, but he's not sure where to do a 'mon back.* The stock got "shelled" last week, he said.

"Navtech has less hair on it" and has the edge right now, he said.

In response to a question about telecom GPS plays such as Nextel with its GPS phone, Cramer said he is not a fan of the telecoms right now. Sprint Nextel ( S) is being squeezed by Verizon ( VZ) and SBC Communications ( SBC), which are spending fortunes on their systems right now, he said.

BellSouth ( BLS) has its "head in the sand." And, Cramer indicated that Qwest ( Q) is a disaster.

Trade, Don't Invest

Cramer has changed his tune on Sirius Satellite Radio ( SIRI), if only for two months. Cramer sees a trade in Sirius until Christmas not because of Howard Stern, who will begin broadcasting his radio show exclusively on Sirius as of Jan. 1, but because CEO Mel Karmazin is a master of UPOD: Under Promise, Over Deliver.

Cramer said Sirius has done a good job keeping expectations low for Sirius' next quarter even though the company knows results will be fantastic. Cramer says, buy Sirius now and sell the stock once the company "blows away" expectations.

Make no mistake. This is a trade, not an investment, said Cramer. Sirius' reporting systems are "convoluted," he said, and he has no idea where the stock will be a year from now.

A caller asked if Sirius' new portable music player was a threat to Apple's ( AAPL) iPod. Cramer said he is not concerned. However, the portable music player is a nice incremental business for Sirius, he said.

Take Up the Breakup

Cramer has been bullish on Cendant ( CD) because he believes that the company is worth more split up than together. Yet, when the company announced a split last week, the stock dropped and has continued lower since.

That caused Cramer to reassess. The result? He still believes that Cendant is a buy. "It's still worth a lot more than $17.50," near where Cendant traded after hours Tuesday.

Cramer believes that Cendant is worth at least $25 on a breakup. Based on his sum-of-the-parts analysis, "Cendant is worth substantially more than $29 a share," he said. "I'm conservative!"

"You should be in Cendant. I'm sticking by it, and I'm backing the truck up."

Chico's Worth a Look

Chico's FAS ( CHS) CFO Charlie Kleman joined Cramer by telephone. (To watch Cramer's interview with Klemen, click here.)

Cramer asked Kleman about the primary driver of Chico's business. Kleman said Chico's White House|Black Market stores were growing the fastest of the company's stores.

Cramer asked about Chico's new Sunflower stores.

Kleman said Sunflower was a new concept that was in about 10 stores, so far.

Cramer asked about gross margin, which fell in the second quarter of 2005. "One-time event?"

Kleman said gross margin actually fell in both the first and second quarters due to a "very specific miss in our product line." But, the situation changed in the third quarter, he said.

Cramer summed up the interview by saying Chico's is "as good as it gets in retail. We're going to have a lot of interesting retail at the end of the week. You should take a look at this stock."

Lightning Round


Cramer was bullish on Viacom ( VIA), Bancolombia ( CIB), Banco Bradesco ( BBD), JDSU ( JDSU), Genentech ( DNA), CMS Energy ( CMS), Procter & Gamble ( PG), Microsoft ( MSFT), Dresser-Rand Group ( DRC), Quest Diagnostics ( DGX), Union Pacific ( UNP), Peabody Coal ( BTU), Southern Copper ( PCU), Intel ( INTC), Wachovia ( WB) and HDFC Bank ( HDB).


Cramer was bearish on Avon Products ( AVP), General Motors ( GM), Nvidia ( NVDA), SuperGen ( SUPG), Ship Finance ( SFL), Sara Lee ( SLE), Serena Software ( SRNA), IRIS International ( IRIS), Goodyear Tire & Rubber ( GT), SunTrust Banks ( STI), Teva Pharmaceutical Industries ( TEVA) and Chesapeake Energy ( CHK).

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3. Don't Buy All at Once 4. Buy Damaged Stocks
5. Diversify to Control Risk 6. Do Your Homework
7. Don't Panic 8. Buy Best-of-Breed
9. Defend Some Stocks 10. Don't Bet on Bad Stocks
11. Own Fewer Names 12. Cash Is for Winners
13. No Regrets 14. Expect Corrections
15. Know Bonds 16. Don't Subsidize Losers
17. No Room for Hope 18. Be Flexible
19. Quit When Execs Do 20. Patience Is a Virtue
21. Be a TV Critic 22. When to Wait 30 Days
23. Beware the Hype 24. Explain Your Picks
25. Find the Bull Market

*For all you home-gamers, a 'mon-back opportunity means Cramer would back up the figurative truck and load up on a stock.

At the time of publication, Cramer was long Procter & Gamble, Intel, Cendant and Microsoft.

James J. Cramer is a director and co-founder of He contributes daily market commentary for's sites and serves as an adviser to the company's CEO. Outside contributing columnists for and, including Cramer, may, from time to time, write about stocks in which they have a position. In such cases, appropriate disclosure is made. To see his personal portfolio and find out what trades Cramer will make before he makes them, sign up for ActionAlertsPLUS. While he cannot provide personalized investment advice or recommendations, he invites you to send comments on his column by clicking here. Listen to Cramer's RealMoney Radio show on your computer; just click here. Watch Cramer on "Mad Money" at 6 p.m. ET weeknights on CNBC. Click here to order Cramer's latest book, "Real Money: Sane Investing in an Insane World," click here to get his second book, "You Got Screwed!" and click here to order Cramer's autobiography, "Confessions of a Street Addict."

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