Motorola ( MOT) will get $11.5 million in settling a lawsuit over Nortel's ( NT) hiring of Mike Zafirovski.

Earlier this month, Nortel hired Zafirovski as its CEO. Motorola sued, claiming the move breached the executive's noncompete agreement. Motorola alleged that the hiring of Zafirovski, who was long the No. 2 exec at the Schaumburg, Ill., wireless giant before he was passed over as CEO last year in favor of Ed Zander, "threatened an unlawful misappropriation of Motorola trade secrets."

Motorola said late Monday that the settlement "reaffirms Zafirovski's obligations to protect Motorola's trade secrets and confidential information and restricts him from internal and customer activities that could lead to his use of and sharing of such information to Nortel's unfair advantage." The settlement also restricts certain recruiting activities by Nortel and Zafirovski.