Rivals sued Qualcomm ( QCOM) in Europe, claiming antitrust violations.

Ericsson ( ERICY) said it and several other communications outfits lodged complaints with the European Commission over Qualcomm's licensing of patents for so-called third-generation mobile technology. Ericsson, which says it's joined by Nokia ( NOK), Broadcom ( BRCM) and Texas Instruments ( TXN), among others, accuses Qualcomm of "failing to meet the commitments Qualcomm made to international standard bodies around the world that it would license its technology on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms."

The Qualcomm complainants claim the San Diego tech shop has been "trying to exclude competing manufacturers of chipsets for mobile phones from the market and preventing others from entering. To this end, Qualcomm has committed a number of abuses, ranging from the refusal to licence essential patents to potential chipset competitors on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms to offering lower royalty rates to handset customers who buy chipsets exclusively from Qualcomm." They also claim its royalties are too high.

Early Friday, Qualcomm fell 95 cents to $42.10.