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What do you think of Cabela's (CAB)?

-- Christian from North Carolina

James J. Cramer: Right now, I'm not crazy about Cabela's, which I recently sold out of my ActionAlertsPLUS portfolio. Even though gas prices are easing a bit, they still are having an effect on Cabela's customers, many of whom drive gas-guzzling motor homes to Cabela's shops. Right now, I like Wal-Mart ( WMT) because of its dedication to low prices.

Jim, do you believe OPEC can increase its oil reserves in the future?

-- Rick in California

James J. Cramer: While it is possible that OPEC can increase its oil reserves, I wouldn't bet on it. Because there is no independent audit of Saudi reserves, we don't know if we can trust the current data, let alone predict what will happen 10 years down the road. I highly recommend investors read the great research on Saudi Arabia done by Simmons & Company International.

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