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Is Dana (DCN) worth buying here?

-- Ted from Florida

James J. Cramer: Right now, I don't like any stocks in the auto sector, except Toyota Motor ( TM). Dana just pulled its profit forecasts, and the industry situation is so ugly that I believe more companies could declare bankruptcy to get out of their pension and union obligations.

Do you believe that individual investors have an advantage in evaluating small, local companies?

-- Brett from Texas

James J. Cramer: Absolutely. Being able to see a business up close can help you see what's going on in actual operations, especially in the case of retailers. For example, being dragged by my kids to an absolutely mobbed Urban Outfitters ( URBN) store in Jersey led me to look into the company to see what all the fuss was about. Just remember that you shouldn't make investing decisions based on anecdotes or a store visit; you still have to do your homework.

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