Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap: Scouring Appalachia for Gas

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Jim Cramer is not about to give up on oil or natural gas stocks despite the selloff Wednesday he said on his "Mad Money" TV show.

In fact, Cramer is recommending Appalachian basin natural gas producer Equitable Resources ( EQT) after Chesapeake Energy ( CHK) announced Monday it will acquire fellow Appalachian basin natural gas producer Columbia Natural Resources.

Cramer believes Equitable is a likely takeover candidate because, of the companies he views as possible targets, Equitable has the largest proven natural gas reserves in the region.

Two other companies operating in the Appalachian basin Cramer likes but which he believes are less likely to be takeover targets are Range Resources ( RRC) and Cabot Oil & Gas ( COG). Both are excellent companies, said Cramer. However, Range Resources has only about 65% if its natural gas reserves in Appalachia, and Cabot Oil & Gas has only about 46% of its reserves in the region.

NGAS Resources ( NGAS) is another good natural gas company operating in Appalachia, said Cramer, but it is "too darn expensive," he said.

Finally, Cramer threw in the mix Consol Energy ( CNX), but said Consol is too big to get taken over. It also has reserves of high-sulfur coal, of which Cramer is not a fan.

Storm Benefits for Thor, Oshkosh

Cramer is bullish on mobile home/RV manufacturer Thor Industries ( THO) for a trade. The Federal Emergency Management Agency has announced plans to purchase 70,000 mobile homes to house victims of Hurricane Katrina, said Cramer. Thor has the biggest market share of mobile trailers and is sure to benefit, he said. At Wednesday's regular session closing price of $32.82, the stock is still about where it was when FEMA made the announcement, Cramer said. "You need to buy it for a trade."

Cramer is also bullish on Oshkosh Truck ( OSK) for a trade. Oshkosh makes emergency command vehicles and concrete mixers. Cramer predicts the federal government will purchase plenty of emergency command vehicles to be "totally prepared for the next disaster." Oshkosh's concrete mixer business should also "benefit handsomely from Congress' ... pork-laden highway bill."

High Scores for Digene's New Test

Health care diagnostic company Digene ( DIGE) has a relatively new test on the market that is the only FDA-approved test for human papillomavirus (HPV), which causes 99.7% of cervical cancer in the U.S., said Cramer. The most widely used test for HPV, the pap smear, isn't great at detecting the virus as it only detects HPV about 79% of the time, he said.

Cervical cancer is easy to prevent, said Cramer, if it is caught early. Thus, he believes, Digene's test, which has only captured about 12% of the market, will become standard by the end of next year.

Boding well for the test's prospects is the fact that big insurance companies have already started paying for the test. Additionally, private practices and labs also generally like tests like Digene's HPV test because such tests are good for margins.

Cramer said Digene isn't expensive based on current estimates, which he believes are conservative. Cramer believes the stock "deserves to trade a whole lot higher."

Stock Offering Ideas: Vonage, Caribou, Charter

In response to a question about VoIP company, Vonage, which is planning to come public, Cramer said Vonage's IPO will be a hot deal. He would buy stock in the offering and then sell it as soon as it opens for trading. Vonage's business is being destroyed, he said, by eBay ( EBAY), which bought Skype.

Commenting on news after the close, Cramer said Starbucks ( SBUX) reported a 10% rise in comparable store sales. Rather than buying Starbucks, though, which was up big in after-hours trading, Cramer recommends Caribou Coffee ( CBOU), which sold shares in an initial public offering Thursday at $14. The stock ended the regular trading session Wednesday at $10.89.

"You know what?" asked Cramer. "It's not a bad company. I need you to pick up some Caribou, and I need you to pick it up now," he said.

Commenting on a planned stock offering by Charter Communications ( CHTR), Cramer said, "If you buy this, I forbid you from ever watching me again. ... Charter Communications: It should not be bought!"

Lightning Round


Cramer was bullish on ConocoPhillips ( COP), Motorola ( MOT), Micron Technology ( MU), Charles Schwab ( SCH), Ameritrade ( AMTD), E*Trade Financial ( ET), Lexar Media ( LEXR), Google ( GOOG), PetroQuest Energy ( PQUE), Goldcorp ( GG), Skyworks Solutions ( SWKS), Ultra Petroleum ( UPL) and Marathon Oil ( MRO).


Cramer was bearish on KeySpan ( KSE), Nokia ( NOK), Ericsson ( ERICY), International Rectifier ( IRF), West Marine ( WMAR), Research In Motion ( RIMM), Red Hat ( RHAT), Knight Capital Group ( NITE), American Superconductor ( AMSC), Cree ( CREE), Newmont Mining ( NEM), Continental Airlines ( CAL), Electronic Arts ( ERTS), New York Community Bancorp ( NYB), Activision ( ATVI), Take-Two Interactive ( TTWO) and Wells Fargo ( WFC).

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At the time of publication, Cramer was long Motorola.

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