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Sales of Apple's ( AAPL) iPod nano were huge this weekend in its debut on the market, Jim Cramer said on his "Mad Money" TV show Monday. That means good things for PortalPlayer ( PLAY), which makes audio chips for the device.

Thomas Weisel Partners raised year 2005 sales estimates Monday for the iPod to 10 million units, up from 7 million to 8 million units. That means upside for PortalPlayer, said Cramer.

The next big thing on the horizon, Apple's video iPod, also is likely to use PortalPlayer's chips, said Cramer, although some believe the contract will go to Sharp. Should that happen, said Cramer, he would simply ring the register.

Cramer said insiders have been selling PortalPlayer's stock but Cramer is not concerned. Insiders "sell for a million reasons," he said, and stock sales by insiders are rarely a reliable indicator of where a stock is headed.

Cramer said there is no reason to buy PortalPlayer immediately if you're cautious, as the stock has had a bit of a run. And, if Cramer had bought the stock before its run, he probably would be taking some profits now. However, he believes the stock is still headed higher.

In response to a question about disk-drive makers Seagate Technology ( STX) and Komag ( KOMG), Cramer would sell Seagate and doesn't want anything to do with Komag.

Commenting on flash-memory plays, Cramer likes Lexar Media ( LEXR) and SanDisk ( SNDK), but don't overlook Silicon Motion Technology ( SIMO), he said.

Foster Wheeler the Real Deal

Cramer is bullish on Foster Wheeler ( FWLT) even though the stock already is up nearly 275% in the last year. The company has dealt with its asbestos liability, said Cramer, and business is roaring. The company is in three bull markets, he said: oil engineering and construction, power generation facility construction and the biotech plant construction. Foster Wheeler has no Wall Street analyst coverage, which is another reason Cramer likes it.

A caller asked if other asbestos-plagued companies might be worth buying. Cramer said companies such as Federal-Mogul ( FDMLQ), Owens Corning ( OWENQ) and W. R. Grace ( GRA) are "not as far along in the healing process." He said he would rather stick with companies that are totally healed from asbestos, so that there are no surprises.

Coal in Stock-ing

Commenting on coal plays, Cramer said his favorite was Fording Canadian Coal Trust ( FDG) and that he liked Sasol ( SSL) as a coal-to-gas technology play.

The Shine on Southern Peru Copper

Cramer is breaking his discipline of owning best-of-breed stocks and is recommending Southern Peru Copper ( PCU), "the absolute worst of breed in the copper industry," he said.

Copper is experiencing a bull market, which is being driven by tight supply and "gigunda" demand from China, said Cramer. But, that's not reason enough for Cramer to recommend Southern Peru Copper.

The additional catalyst in favor of Southern Peru Copper, said Cramer, is two of its competitors, Asarco and Falconbridge ( FAL), are having problems and "can't deliver the goods," he said. Cramer's favorite play in copper is Phelps Dodge ( PD), but Southern Peru Copper should benefit as well.

Loving Thy Nabors

Nabors Industries ( NBR) CEO Gene Isenberg joined Cramer by telephone on the show. Cramer asked Isenberg about the orders Nabors is seeing from Saudi Arabia.

Isenberg said his company was the biggest driller in Saudi Arabia, Yemen and North Africa.

Cramer asked how many customers are locking in rates for drilling rigs.

"Quite a few," said Isenberg.

Cramer asked Isenberg if he senses a top in oil is near.

"Ultimately that probably will come," said Isenberg. "But, nothing is visible, yet," adding that Nabors has "important customers committing, in essence, for five years from now."

Cramer summed up the interview saying Isenberg has not been afraid before to speak up when he sees a top. "He did not say that to us tonight. That stock's going higher."

Harrah's Poker Bet

Gary Loveman, Harrah's Entertainment ( HET) CEO, also joined Cramer to discuss the weakness in gaming stocks.

Loveman said his company had been hurt by the combination of higher gasoline prices and hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Cramer asked how the integration of Harrah's recent acquisition of Caesars was going.

Loveman said the full integration should be complete by the end of the first quarter.

Cramer asked what the popularity of poker means to Harrah's.

Loveman said poker's popularity signals a growing interest in gambling and "holds the promise for a tremendous boom in our business if we figure out how to deliver it properly through as many distribution points as we can."

Cramer summed up the interview saying gaming stocks are in a "show-me situation" right now, and he wouldn't buy them until there is proof things have improved.

Lightning Round


Cramer was bullish on Occidental Petroleum ( OXY), Sears Holdings ( SHLD), Johnson Controls ( JCI), FX Energy ( FXEN), Ameren ( AEE), Northrop Grumman ( NOC), L-3 Communications ( LLL), Alliant Techsystems ( ATK), General Dynamics ( GD), Safeway ( SWY), Whole Foods Market ( WFMI), Charles Schwab ( SCH), E*Trade Financial ( ET), Ameritrade ( AMTD), Intel ( INTC), Edge Petroleum ( EPEX), Ethan Allen Interiors ( ETH), American Standard ( ASD), Grey Wolf ( GW), Abraxas Petroleum ( ABP), Schlumberger ( SLB), Nabors Industries ( NBR), Halliburton ( HAL) and Sysco ( SYY).


Cramer was bearish on Payless ShoeSource ( PSS), 3M ( MMM), Distributed Energy Systems ( DESC), NGAS Resources ( NGAS), Arch Capital Group ( ACGL), Medtronic ( MDT), Fifth Third Bancorp ( FITB), Compuware ( CPWR), Leggett & Platt ( LEG), Bank of America ( BAC) and Sovereign Bank ( SOV).

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At the time of publication, Cramer was long Alliant Techsystems, Fording Canadian Coal Trust, Intel, Halliburton Sears and Occidental Petroleum.

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