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Demand for NAND flash memory is so strong and supply is so tight, Jim Cramer is willing to break one of his cardinal rules of investing, buying best of breed stocks, he said Friday on his "Mad Money" TV show.

SanDisk ( SNDK) is the absolute best of breed when it comes to flash memory, said Cramer, and that's the safe way to play it, he said. But if you're willing to take on more risk, Cramer believes you might be able to make even more money buying the "absolute worst of breed" -- Lexar Media ( LEXR).

Cramer said Lexar has been a "piece of garbage." But, because it is so bad, it has the most room to improve, and the market is giving it that chance, he said. Cramer believes if everything goes well for Lexar, the stock has the potential to go to $9.50 or $10. Lexar ended the regular trading session Friday at $6.38.

In response to a question about Apple Computer ( AAPL - Get Report), Cramer said Apple isn't cheap, and if you have a big gain, "no one ever got hurt taking a profit." That said, Cramer believes sales at Apple are still good, and he believes Apple will have a "great" Christmas.

Cramer is bullish on HDFC Bank ( HDB) as a play on growth in India. Cramer believes financial stocks are the best way to play emerging markets, and low interest rates coupled with "colossal" growth in India are bullish for banks there.

Cramer prefers HDFC to another prominent Indian bank, Icici Bank ( IBN), even though Icici pays a higher dividend yield and has broader exposure to the Indian economy. The problem is Icici is closed to investment by foreign funds. HDFC, on the other hand, is still open to foreign investors, "which makes it a lot more appealing," and HDFC reported stronger revenue growth in its most recent quarter than did Icici. Both banks have earnings growth north of 30%.

In response to a question about ( REDF), an Indian Internet company, Cramer said was a "real interesting speculation." But, "I need to be in something ... that I don't have to worry about whether it's going to be hot one day and not hot another," he said, adding that Indian banks' financial reports are similar to American banks, making them easy to follow.

Gas, Gas, Gas

For a short-term natural gas play, Cramer likes EOG Resources ( EOG) and Bill Barrett ( BBG). Prices for natural gas are around $14, up from roughly $7 in May, said Cramer, and many natural gas companies have sold contracts at lower prices. But, EOG and Bill Barrett have lots of gas available to sell on the spot market at today's higher prices, he said. Cramer expects EOG and Bill Barrett to "make the mad money" over the next several quarters.

Longer term, Cramer is still bullish on Chesapeake Energy ( CHK), EnCana ( ECA) and Southwestern Energy ( SWN - Get Report).

Timeout for Gaming Stocks

Gaming stocks have been "flat-lining," said Cramer, so he had Boyd Gaming ( BYD - Get Report) CFO Ellis Landau on the telephone to discuss what could turn the group around.

Landau said his company had been hurt by the hurricanes and that it had to close two casinos as a result. Lower consumer confidence is also hurting the company, he said.

Cramer asked Landau if high gasoline prices were keeping people away.

Landau said anecdotally, at least, high gas prices didn't seem to be a problem.

Of Boyd's planned expansion of its Stardust casino in Las Vegas, the company would be ready to announce its plans at the end of the year, Landau said.

Cramer said Boyd Gaming was one of the two best casino stocks, along with Harrah's Entertainment ( HET). But with gasoline and natural gas prices high and going higher, Cramer is not comfortable buying them now.

Lennar Joins S&P

Commenting on news after the close that Lennar has been added to the S&P 500, Cramer warned shorts to "look out."

Also, the Navy exercised a contract for "double the number of fuel cells," from Hoku Scientific ( HOKU), said Cramer.

Finally, following up on a stock that had stumped Cramer during the lightning round, United Therapeutics ( UTHR - Get Report), Cramer said, "I'm backing the truck up for that one."

Lightning Round


Cramer was bullish on Warren Resources ( WRES), Ciena ( CIEN - Get Report), Tekelec ( TKLC), JDSU ( JDSU), PPG Industries ( PPG - Get Report), Claire's Stores ( CLE), Allscripts Healthcare Solutions ( MDRX - Get Report), Hewlett-Packard ( HPQ - Get Report), Southwestern Energy ( SWN - Get Report), Procter & Gamble ( PG - Get Report), Lions Gate Entertainment ( LGF), American Express ( AXP - Get Report), Cendant ( CD), WellCare Health Plans ( WCG - Get Report), UnitedHealth Group ( UNH - Get Report), Weyerhaeuser ( WY - Get Report), Plum Creek Timber ( PCL), Georgia-Pacific ( GP), Newfield Exploration ( NFX), Hornbeck Offshore Services ( HOS - Get Report), Halliburton ( HAL - Get Report), Motorola ( MOT), Ericsson ( ERICY), Advanced Micro Devices ( AMD - Get Report), Toyota Motor ( TM - Get Report), Syneron Medical ( ELOS), Transocean ( RIG - Get Report) and GameStop ( GME - Get Report).


Cramer was bearish on Exxon Mobil ( XOM - Get Report), Verizon Communications ( VZ - Get Report), Service Corporation International ( SCI), StoneMor Partners ( STON - Get Report), Dell ( DELL), Circuit City Stores ( CC - Get Report), Radio Shack ( RSH), Brocade Communications Systems ( BRCDE), Nokia ( NOK - Get Report), Best Buy ( BBY - Get Report) and IMAX ( IMAX - Get Report).

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At the time of publication, Cramer was long Cendant, EnCana, Halliburton, GameStop, Motorola, PPG Industries and UnitedHealth.

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