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An energy play whose time has come is Capstone Turbine ( CPST - Get Report), Jim Cramer said Monday on his "Mad Money" TV show.

Capstone makes natural gas-powered micro turbine generators for business and home use. Capstone recently signed agreements with KeySpan ( KSE) and Consolidated Edison ( ED - Get Report) to promote its products in the New York area. Capstone's shares have moved from $2 to $4.50 in the past month, but the stock should really take off as the company moves west, Cramer said.

Capstone is poised for "triple-digit revenue growth for the next several years," said Cramer, because it has a cost-effective way to produce energy.

There is one caveat, though, because the stock has already moved up so rapidly in such a short amount of time: Cramer said wait for a pullback before buying the shares.

A caller wanted to know if alternative energy such as solar would ever be a big player in the energy market. No, Cramer said. Germany and France are the only countries really encouraging solar's use, he said. It's simply not an economical alternative under any realistic energy scenario.

The Big Cat

Another caller wanted to know if Caterpillar ( CAT - Get Report), which also makes micro turbine generators, would be a good play. Cramer said Caterpillar is simply too large a company and has too many moving parts for its micro turbine business to have much of an impact on the company as a whole.

Gaming Stocks Worth Playing

Penn National Gaming ( PENN - Get Report) is the "best gaming stock you have never heard of," said Cramer. "They're about to become the third-largest gaming company in the country" as soon as the acquisition of Argosy ( AGY) closes.

Cramer especially likes Penn because it will own local and regional casinos, where there is little competition. It also has racetracks and off-track betting facilities that "make money, and that's what counts."

A caller asked if a better way to play gaming might be to own the suppliers and gaming-equipment makers. Cramer said he did not like the "arms suppliers in this business because there really isn't a 'war.'"

Another caller asked about Las Vegas Sands ( LVS - Get Report), which has exposure to China. Cramer said he did not like LVS because "the hot money's there."

Cramer was bullish on Canadian coal stock Fording ( FDG) because of its 3-for-1 stock split coming Sept. 13. Even though Cramer emphasized stock splits don't create value, he said people will think the stock is cheaper once it splits just because it will no longer be a "$100 stock." Said Cramer: "Fording will go up because of psychology." Fording shares closed Monday at $116.50.

Cramer had UnitedHealth Group ( UNH - Get Report) CEO William McGuire as guest on the show by telephone. After laying out the bullish thesis for his company, Cramer summed up the interview with two words: Walgreen ( WAG) and AARP. "They've got the arrangements," Cramer said. "This company's got the growth."

Do I Hear $500 for Google?

During the Lightning Round, Cramer was asked about Google ( GOOG - Get Report). "Write these numbers down: seven and 10," said Cramer.

"This company is going to earn seven dollars a share next year and is going to earn 10 bucks two years from now. I will say it when no one else will. It's possible to give that a 50 multiple on next year. And, the real yahoo guys -- and I don't mean the search engine, Yahoo! -- will put a 50 on 10." And then Cramer, deadpanning in a whisper, said, "Some guys think it's going to go to 500."

Lightning Round


Cramer was bullish on TurboChef Technologies ( OVEN), St. Joe ( JOE - Get Report), Walt Disney ( DIS - Get Report), Intel ( INTC - Get Report), Google ( GOOG - Get Report), RTI International Metals ( RTI), Boeing ( BA - Get Report), Noble ( NE - Get Report), National-Oilwell Varco ( NOV - Get Report), OraSure Technologies ( OSUR - Get Report), Transocean ( RIG - Get Report), GlobalSantaFe ( GSF), Syneron Medical ( ELOS), Occidental Petroleum ( OXY - Get Report), Sonic ( SONC), Goldcorp ( GG), Smith & Wesson ( SWB), GameStop ( GME - Get Report) and Cemex ( CX - Get Report).


Cramer was bearish on Silicon Motion Technology ( SIMO - Get Report), Mannatech ( MTEX), ScanSoft ( SSFT), Mellon Financial ( MEL), Tellabs ( TLAB), Cirrus Logic ( CRUS), Sun Microsystems ( SUNW), SanDisk ( SNDK), LifeCell ( LIFC), Galmis Gold ( GLG), Wal-Mart ( WMT), Tenaris ( TS), Electronic Arts ( ERTS) and JDS Uniphase ( JDSU).

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At the time of publication, Cramer was long Boeing, GameStop, Intel, St. Joe, UnitedHealth Group and Yahoo!.

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