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There is a tug of war for dollars on Wall Street this week. The tug of war is between technology and biotech. Technology won on Monday night. But Tuesday night belonged to biotech.

On the heel of Tuesday's news, the growth dollars are heading to biotech after Amgen ( AMGN - Get Report) and Gilead ( GILD - Get Report) reported great second-quarter numbers after the closing bell.

But Jim Cramer told his "Mad Money" viewers on CNBC that biotech will do especially well in the future -- especially if investors compare them with the Big Pharma stocks of today.

Investors also will be looking to put money to work in Genentech , Celgene ( CELG - Get Report) and Genzyme . In fact, Cramer said, he never wants to hear about Pfizer ( PFE - Get Report) and Merck ( MRK - Get Report) again.

"We want to be looking for stocks that will be in our kids' medicine cabinets," he said. Pfizer and Merck have the stuff that is in cabinets today, he said.

What's more, Cramer said that Big Pharma doesn't innovate anymore. They just repackage stuff so that they can squeeze out every last dime. The biotech companies are the future of pharmaceuticals, he said.

"Get into biotech now to make money off of lifesaving drugs," Cramer concluded.

Motorola CEO Talk

Motorola reported a great second quarter after the bell on Tuesday night. It reported better-than-expected earnings and sales. But the stock sold off after hours. Cramer talked with CEO Ed Zander about the quarter and about the company's future. Zander outlined a host of products that will continue to keep the momentum going at Motorola.

After chatting with Zander, Cramer said that the stock ran up in anticipation of great numbers. Cramer now thinks that the stock might pull back, however. And if it does, he said that he would definitely be a buyer. Cramer also pointed out that Motorola would be meeting with analysts next week to discuss business as well. Finally, if Motorola had reported its numbers by itself on Tuesday -- without Yahoo! ( YHOO) and Lucent also reporting -- the stock would have been up on Tuesday night. Instead, it was down. Cramer believes weakness in Motorola stock is a gift, he said.

The 'Lightning Round'


Cramer was bullish on: Gold Kist , Schering-Plough , Homex , WCI Communities ( WCI), Syneron Medical ( ELOS), Apache ( APA - Get Report), SCP Pool ( POOL - Get Report), Chicago Mercantile ( CME - Get Report), Expeditors ( EXPD - Get Report), Allscripts Healthcare ( MDRX - Get Report), Titanium Metals ( TIE), Orleans Homebuilders , BRE Properties ( BRE), International Paper ( IP - Get Report), Microtune , Logitech ( LOGI - Get Report), Novatel .

Cramer was bearish on: 3M , BellSouth , Cadence Design Systems ( CDN), Siliconware ( SPIL), Computer Sciences ( CSC), Atmel ( ATML), Illumina , Petco ( PETC), Cablevision ( CVC), Diana Shipping , Genesis Microchip , Sierra Pacific Resources JetBlue ( JBLU - Get Report), MCG Capital ( MCGC) and Verizon ( VZ - Get Report).

Intel Intelligence

Cramer also spoke to Intel's ( INTC - Get Report) Andy Bryant on Tuesday evening. Cramer asked the chief financial officer about the weaker-than-expected second-quarter margins that Intel reported after the bell. Bryant said he believes margin weakness can be corrected and that Intel will post margins of about 60%, plus or minus, in the third quarter.

As for market share, Bryant believes Intel gained a half-point to a point over Advanced Micro Devices ( AMD - Get Report) during the quarter. Cramer agreed that margins were weaker than what he was looking for, but that Intel should do fine during the rest of the year as well.

Lucent Illuminated

Finally, Cramer spoke to Lucent CEO Patricia Russo, who said she was pleased with her company's quarter. The company posted better-than-expected earnings, turned in sales that grew 7% year over year, and showed growth both domestically and internationally.

But Cramer said this was a "show-me" quarter for the New Jersey company. Lucent showed investors some things, Cramer said, but it didn't show other things, he said. Bottom line? Lucent is a hold, he said.

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9. Defend Some Stocks 10. Don't Bet on Bad Stocks
11. Own Fewer Names 12. Cash Is for Winners
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At the time of publication, Cramer was long Intel, Lucent, Motorola and Yahoo!.

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