Updated from 8:16 a.m. EST

Taser ( TASR) was under pressure Friday after disclosing an informal Securities and Exchange Commission inquiry into company statements about the safety of its stun guns and a recent order.

Taser is gathering information for the SEC and believes the safety claims will be borne out. Its stun guns have been the subject of rampant media controversy due to the number of people who have died after receiving shocks administered by police. To a one, the company claims its guns were not causally responsible.

"We are confident our statements are supported by the safety studies of our products," the company said. "Our public statements about the safety of Taser devices are consistent with those of medical experts that we have consulted, or in the case of the Department of Defense, were reviewed and approved prior to release by the very agencies that have commissioned the research."

Taser's weapons are used by about 6,000 law enforcement agencies around the world. The stock has been one of the market's best performers since 2002 but is down about 13% this year, as investors have taken note of customers delaying purchases over safety concerns. The stock fell another $3.94, or 14.3%, to $23.68 Friday.

More than half of Taser's outstanding shares have been shorted.

The SEC is also looking into a $1.5 million order from firearms distributor Davidson's that raised eyebrows on Wall Street because it was booked late in December as the company faced a possible revenue shortfall. The order was for 1,000 guns, as well as other products, to be sold to consumers.

"Davidson's most recent order was received and shipped in the normal course of business in the fourth quarter of 2004," Taser said. "Davidson's ordered an initial 1,000 TAaser X26C systems, costing less than $1 million, for distribution to their dealers with no right to return the product. This order was announced together with an order for other law enforcement products which brought the total order to $1.5 million."

Davidson's reportedly received the shipment on Dec. 31.