Abgenix ( ABGX), Amgen ( AMGN): ABX-EGF, third-line colon cancer study, second half 2005;

Cypress BioScience ( CYPB): Milnacipran, fibromyalgia phase III, third quarter 2005;

Genentech ( DNA): Lucentis, age-related macular degeneration phase IIII, third quarter 2005. Avastin, front-line lung cancer phase III, second half 2005;

Allos Therapeutics ( ALTH): Efaproxyn, brain metastases from lung cancer phase III, fourth quarter 2005;

Telik ( TELK): Telcyta, ovarian non-small-cell lung cancer phase III, fourth quarter 2005;

Dendreon ( DNDN): Provenge, prostate cancer phase III, second half/fourth quarter 2005;

Pharmacyclics ( PCYC): Xcytrin, brain metastases from lung cancer phase III, second half 2005.

Northfield Laboratories ( NFLD): Polyheme, blood substitute trauma phase III, year-end 2005;

CancerVax ( CNVX): Canvaxin, melanoma phase III, end of 2005.

Turning the Page

On a calendar note of a personal sort, today marks my last day at TheStreet.com.

After four wonderful years here and 15 years as a business journalist, it's time for a new challenge. Next week, I'll be joining a New York-based investment firm as a biotech analyst (I'll remain on the West Coast.) I've been writing about biotech investing for a long time, so now's my chance to see if I can actually invest in biotech -- and make money doing it.

I'm excited to start the new gig, but I leave TheStreet.com with some reluctance, because this has been (and continues to be) a great place to work and learn. I look back over the past four years and I marvel at how much I've learned about the way Wall Street really works. My investment education only accelerated when I was fortunate to join the staff of RealMoney two years ago.

Thanks to Jim Cramer, Dave Morrow, the entire cast of RealMoney contributors and all the writers and editors at TheStreet. It's been a great ride.

Finally, thanks to all my readers! Your constant feedback -- both naughty and nice -- kept me constantly energized and on my toes. I met some amazingly smart and friendly people through this Web site, readers who became trusted sources and helped me appear smarter than I am. I'm thankful and better for it, and will miss that part of the job more than anything.

Next week, I stop watching and start doing. I can't wait to get started. Thanks again, and continued success to all.
Adam Feuerstein writes regularly for RealMoney.com. In keeping with TSC's editorial policy, he doesn't own or short individual stocks, although he owns stock in TheStreet.com. He also doesn't invest in hedge funds or other private investment partnerships. He invites you to send your feedback to adam.feuerstein@thestreet.com.

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