An April 28 story, Skyworks Falls Amid Solid Results , misstated Skyworks' (SWKS:Nasdaq) latest second-quarter loss. It was $9.4 million, not $4.4 million as originally reported. regrets the error. ( Corrected April 29.)

An April 27 story, Maxim Integrated Guides Up , misstated the Wall Street analyst consensus estimates for Maxim Integrated Products (MXIM:Nasdaq). Estimates for the fiscal third quarter called for earnings of 31 cents a share on $368 million in sales, not 32 cents on $376 million. Estimates for the fourth quarter called for earnings of 34 cents a share on sales of $397 million, not 35 cents on $417 million. regrets the error. ( Corrected April 29.)

An April 27 story, Zoran Swings to Loss , misstated the company's revenue forecast for 2004. Zoran (ZRAN:Nasdaq) estimated that it would have revenue in the range of $370 million to $390 million, not $357.27 million to $378.92 million. regrets the error. ( Corrected April 27)

An April 15 story, Reliance Steel Crushes Forecasts , incorrectly referred to the company as Reliant Steel. In fact, the company name is Reliance Steel (RS:NYSE). (Corrected April 26)

An April 21 story, Sears Suffers Seasonal Disorder , incorrectly stated that Sears(S:NYSE) planned to carry a Polo Ralph Lauren (RL:NYSE) line for men and boys. In fact, Sears was referring to the U.S. Polo brand, which it introduced for men and boys during the first quarter. regrets the error. (Corrected April 22)

An April 21 story, STMicroelectronics Offers Upbeat Guidance , misstated the company's estimated earnings per share for the first quarter. It should have said that the pro forma EPS figure was approximately 12 cents, in line with consensus estimates, not 16 cents, as originally reported. regrets the error. (Corrected April 21.)

An April 13 James J. Cramer column, Get Cable Before the Sector Gets Hot , incorrectly said ML Media Partners was the bidder for Adelphia's Puerto Rican properties. In fact, James Vaughn, with Wachovia Securities, is the bidder. ML Media Partners is Adelphia's partner in the Puerto Rico joint venture. regrets the error. (Corrected April 19.)

An April 15 story, Cypress Hammered on Demand Issues, erroneously quoted Cypress Semiconductor CEO T.J. Rodgers as saying, "We are just not seeing any growth in orders from Cisco." In fact, it was Ralph Schmitt, Cypress's executive vice president of sales and marketing, who addressed the question during the Cypress conference call Thursday. And although Schmitt did say that Cypress orders from Cisco looked to be flat in the second quarter, he didn't suggest that demand for Cisco's own product is leveling off. regrets the error. (Corrected April 16.)

An April 13 story, Biopure Seeks New Cash Infusion , incorrectly reported that the company had filed a registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission to raise money by selling 4 million shares of stock. In fact, the registration is related to stock options for corporate officials, under terms of a company compensation plan. regrets the error. (Corrected April 13.)

An April 6 story, Bank of America Swings the Axe , incorrectly reported that Bank of America is based in San Francisco. In fact, Bank of America is based in Charlotte, N.C. The regrets the error.

Due to a typographical error, an April 5 story, Crunch Time for Trump's House of Cards , incorrectly said that bondholders hold $1.3 million in Trump Atlantic City debt. The bondholders hold $1.3 billion in debt. The regrets the error.

An April 6 column by James J. Cramer, Prepare for a Year of Playing the Range, incorrectly said Cramer was not long any stocks mentioned in the column. In fact, Cramer was long Halliburton at the time of publication. regrets the error. (Corrected April 7.)

An April 2 post in the Reader's Forum, Trading Puts in an IRA, incorrectly said that all brokerage firms restrict holders of IRA accounts to either writing covered calls or buying puts against long stock positions. In fact, these restrictions are not global. Fidelity, for one, allows long option positions in certain IRA accounts. regrets the error. (Corrected April 5.)

An April 2 item in the Columnist Conversation, TIPS Rise Against the Tide by Darcy Bradbury, incorrectly stated that TIPS had risen in price on April 2. In fact, TIPS fell, but didn't fall as much as 10-year notes. regrets the error. ( Corrected April 5.)

An April 1 story, XM Rockets Past Subscriber Targets, misstated the number of net new subscribers XM Satellite Radio (XMSR:Nasdaq) added in the quarter ended March 31. It was 320,000, not 360,000. regrets the error. ( Corrected April 2.)

An April 1 story, Duke's Shrinking Act Having Little Effect, mistakenly attributed the story-ending comment to analyst Kit Konolige of Morgan Stanley. It was UBS analyst Ronald Barone, not Konolige, who said in February, "We believe investor psychology continues to run well ahead of itself on this name. We continue to view its shares as overvalued on virtually every valuation parameter and thus continue to suggest caution at current levels." regrets the error. ( Corrected April 1.)