Let's go against the grain for two stories: Texas Instruments ( TXN) and Freddie Mac ( FRE). I think that the criminal Freddie Mac investigation will turn out to be limited to a single ousted company officer. I know that's a gut issue. I know that criminal investigations should (and do) freak people out. I know that I don't like Freddie Mac as a company because of its lack of transparency.

But I also know that the new guy running it, Greg Parseghian, knows the portfolio and would not have taken the job or be allowed to take the job if he were "in on it," so to speak. I think the stock's good for a trade.

Texan? I am no fan. I own Skyworks Solutions ( SWKS), the leveraged play on cell-phone innards and I think it represents much more value than Texas Instruments. But this weakness was well telegraphed and I would go the other way now and buy the stock for a trade. The analysts who were recommending this thing had to have been clueless because everyone, and I mean everyone, suspected that this stock could be blow up.

These are trades. They are not investments. I am not buying these stocks for my Action Alerts PLUS account because I would not want to own them for at least a month.

But I think they work here.

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