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Deals drive stocks higher. Deals happen because people believe in the numbers. Deals happen because one company believes another company is undervalued. Deals are verification of price increases, unless they are done by serial acquirers.

People always underestimate the power of deals on the tape. They strike fear in the hearts of the shorts. They make the skeptical longs question their own reluctance. They make portfolio managers who were only thinking about EPS think about total upside. They make people who are shorting Siebel Systems ( SEBL) on possible earnings shortfalls reach for their neckties in case they need to hang themselves later in the day. Yeah, deals are that powerful.

Some people only buy stocks that can become part of deals. Last night on "Kudlow & Cramer" we had Mario Gabelli on and he mentioned to me that he wouldn't own big oil companies like Exxon-Mobil ( XOM) or Royal Dutch ( RD) because they couldn't be taken over. And he thinks this next leg of the market will be driven by dividends and deals.

How prescient.

Oracle's ( ORCL) bid in the face of an earlier bid from PeopleSoft ( PSFT) for JD Edwards ( JDEC) signals that the deal market is back in a big way. It is hugely bullish on the one hand, for all of its verification purposes, and on the other hand, it is simply necessary given that we will have a hard time justifying the next leg up on earnings.

Amazing market, isn't it?

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