A May 30 column, Deconstruction of the Bears , incorrectly said the University of Michigan's consumer sentiment survey published the same day was better than expected. In fact, while the survey showed increased confidence from a month earlier, the result was slightly below economists' consensus estimate. TheStreet.com regrets the error. (Corrected May 30)

A May 28 Detox column, Softening Dollar a Mess in the Making, erroneously said that the euro area economies had negative real interest rates. In fact, with a recent inflation rate of 2.1% and a benchmark interest rate of 2.5%, the real interest rate is 0.4%. TheStreet.com regrets the error. ( Corrected May 29)

A May 22 story, Markets Applaud Tax News , incorrectly said shares of ADC (ADCT:Nasdaq) closed at $22.85 in that day's trading. In fact, the stock closed down 20 cents, or 0.9%, to $2.85. TheStreet.com regrets the error. (Corrected May 27)

A May 22 column, More Thoughts on Capital-Gains Tax Cut , was revised after publication. The original introductory paragraph said: "In the most recent economic plan proposal, a capital-gains tax cut to 5% from 20% was mentioned." That sentence was changed because the cut would be to 5% only for those in the lowest income-tax brackets. Everyone else would pay 15%. TheStreet.com regrets any confusion. ( Clarified May 22)

A May 21 story, McDonald's Shares Battle Back , incorrectly cited a listeria scare at Olive Garden. In fact, the scare involved food sold by Cheesecake Factory (CAKE:Nasdaq) to Olive Garden, which is owned by Darden (DRI:NYSE) TheStreet.com regrets the error. (Corrected May 21)

A May 15 story, Tenet Critics Taking Aim at Costly Buybacks , misstated the location of Santa Barbara, Calif. It is in Santa Barbara County, not Orange County. TheStreet.com regrets the error. ( Corrected May 15)

A May 15 Detox column, Fairfax Is Banking on the Luck of the Irish , overstated the capital at Fairfax (FFH:NYSE) subsidiary ORC Re. It was $1.53 billion at the end of 2002, not $2.29 billion as originally reported. Thus, ORC Re's $1.69 billion investment in Fairfax Liquidity Management Hungary actually amounts to 110% of capital, not 74% as originally claimed.

In addition, ORC Re made $241 million of investment income in 2002, not $241 million of realized gains, as incorrectly stated in the article. TheStreet.com regrets the errors. ( Corrected May 15)

A May 12 Alan Farley column, Where the Weak Stocks Are, incorrectly stated that Triad Hospitals (TRI:NYSE) became the subject of a federal investigation last November. In fact the company being investigated was Tenet Healthcare (THC:NYSE), not Triad. TheStreet.com regrets the error. ( Corrected May 12)

A May 9 story, Genzyme to Swap for Tracking Shares , incorrectly said holders of Genzyme Biosurgery (GZBX:Nasdaq) will receive 0.04914 of a Genzyme Corp. (GENZ:Nasdaq) share, or about $1.92 a share based on Thursday's close, and that holders of Genzyme Molecular Oncology (GZMO:Nasdaq) get 0.05653 of a Genzyme Corp. share, or about $2.21 a share. In fact, the ratios apply to a 20-day average of Genzyme Corp. stock price, resulting in slightly lower implied prices of $1.77 for Biosurgery stock, and $2.03 for Molecular Oncology stock. TheStreet.com regrets the error. (Corrected May 9)

A May 7 options column, Dumb Luck Investor: Betting On Those $1 Stocks , requires clarification. This article appeared on TheStreet.com as part of a syndication agreement with Optionetics.com. It was originally posted on the Optionetics site after the close May 1, when UAL (UALAQ:OTC BB) ended the day at $1.19. On the date the story appeared on TheStreet.com, the stock price closed at $1.90, making the anecdote about UAL stock -- concerning an "under water" stock purchase at $1.50 a share -- appear outdated. TheStreet.com regrets any confusion. (Clarified May 8)

A May 7 column, Bottom of the Barrel: Greasing Up the Portfolio With WD-40 , contained a table with inaccurate data. Shortly after publication, the table was removed. TheStreet.com regrets the error. (Corrected May 7)

A May 6 story, Cash Burning a Hole in Wal-Mart's Pocket? by Troy Wolverton, incorrectly reported that Wal-Mart's (WMT:NYSE) McLane subsidiary had posted three straight years of operating losses.

While Wal-Mart's operating segment that includes McLane has posted three straight years of operating losses, McLane itself has been profitable in those years. TheStreet.com regrets the error. ( Corrected May 6)