Feuchtwanger neglected to pay its rank and file workers for July in a timely manner, or in full. But at least the group's managers need not scale back just yet: on July 10, the group's top management received bonus payments.

Feuchtwanger, which belongs to the collapsing Peled-Givony group, gave its top people a "thirteenth salary" the equivalent of a monthly salary as a bonus, TheMarker has learned.

The bonus was paid just 12 days before the Israel Securities Authority raided the company's offices.

The workers were supposed to get their July salaries by August 10, but were not paid on time because of the collapsing company's credit crunch.

Paying a "13th salary" as a bonus is a common practice among Israeli companies. But the timing of this one may seem odd, as the whole Feuchtwanger group, and Peled-Givony empire, careen toward bankruptcy.

Moreover, in a chat with the group's worried workers on a Saturday night two weeks ago, the managers explained how bad group's condition is, and requested that they be patient regarding their belated salaries, which they never did receive in full.

The Feuchtwanger Industries and Feuchtwanger Investment managers receive between NIS 50,000 to NIS 80,000 a month, each, meaning the total bonus paid out reaches between NIS 300,000 to double that and more. Yet the credit crunch strangling the group began a month and a half before the ISA raided the company.