With Ha'aretz service

Fears of a nationwide gasoline shortage ended Wednesday as the nine-day strike at the central supply depot, Pi Glilot, ended.

The strike ended when management and workers agreed to reopen negotiations over improved compensation for people facing dismissal.

Fuel delivery to Jerusalem and in the south of the country had been disrupted but no serious shortages arose.

The Pi Glilot fuel distribution company directors agreed earlier Tuesday to close the Jerusalem and Be'er Sheva depots and to dismiss all workers at the two facilities.

Pi Glilot CEO Avi Dotan blamed the National Infrastructure Ministry for creating the circumstances that led the company to make austerity moves, including dismissing more staff from Pi Glilot's headquarters in Herzliya.

According to Dotan, the ministry refuses to allow Pi Glilot to raise prices by 0.3 agorot per liter, which would have averted job losses.