A representative of Microsoft (Nasdaq:MSFT) in Israel and Israeli mobile operator Cellcom today signed a long-term strategic agreement to co-develop mobile computing products for corporations.

The agreement is expected to expand to other areas too, Cellcom said.

The giant from Redmond and Israel's biggest mobile operator are kicking off their alliance by providing Cellcom subscribers with Microsoft Outlook email service accessible via phones.

The technology for this is already available: a mobile information server and Cellcom's data communications network.

Employees will be able to access enterprise material from any place using the technology, and to carry out Outlook email operations. The end device can be a WAP-supporting cellphone or a PDA containing the Pocket PC 2002 operating system.

The underlying concept is Microsoft's dream of allowing employees access to any enterprise information from anywhere, using any device.

Cellcom already provides "mobile enterprise" services to facilitate operations outside the company premises.