The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange rolled over and played dead on Sunday, with the leading indices barely budging on all but nonexistent turnover. Tech stocks gently sank as the session trudged on, reaching a low of 1% at closing.

"It's silly season at its peak. Investors are on holiday abroad or at the beach," yawned one trader, explaining at eleven in the morning why total turnover at eleven in the morning was all of NIS 10 million, usually the turnover in Teva Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq:TEVA) alone by this time.

By the end of the day, NIS 83 million worth of shares had changed hands. Turnover in Teva alone is usually more than half that sum.

The Maof-25 and Tel Aviv-100 index indices finished at around a 0.1% gain while tech stocks, as said, sank 1%. Bank stocks surged, there can be no other word for it on a dull day like this, by 0.3%.

Nasdaq gained ground on Thursday and Friday, rising an aggregate 2%, while the Dow Jones gained 3.5%, all of which would typically have boosted Israeli stocks today, if the investors hadn't upped and disappeared.

Still, Teva Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq:TEVA) put on a worthy show, inching up 0.3% on turnover of NIS 18 million.

Favorable second-quarter reports lifted Osem up 0.1% on turnover of NIS 4.2 million. Although the company's improvements were minor sales eroded 2% to NIS 578.7 million, but half-year profits rose 6% to NIS 56.7 million. Leader & Co analyst Ori Hershkovitz called Osem's report a good one, but said the question is how long the food producer can sustain its strong performance given the tough situation among marketing chains. The retail chain Supersol, for instance, reported a 2.2% operating profit compared with Osem's almost 10%. While on the subject - Supersol sank 1.4% today on a volume of NIS 3 million.

Housing & Construction climbed by 6.8% on a story in Ma'ariv that businessman Stanley Gold is proposing to buy it through TASE-lifted company MPI (formerly Comfy), which Gold co-controls together with Marlaz. Gold is proposing a company value of $400 million for Housing & Construction, a premium of 54% above its market price. H&C confirmed that Arison Holdings is shedding its stake, but said it didn't know the identity of the potential buyer.

Discount Investment Corporation finished 1.8% in the green after a painfully slow start after its subsidiary Cellcom reported good results today for the second quarter. Cellcom said it netted NIS 153 million on revenues of NIS 1.3 billion, as predicted by analysts.

The banks were mixed, with Bank Discount finishing down 1%, Hapoalim gaining 1% and Leumi ambling ahead by 0.3%. Mizrahi finished unchanged and First International Bank retreated by 1.4%.