A Slovenian company is charging Teva Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq:TEVA) ( TEVA) with stealing trade secrets.

Lek Pharmaceutical & Chemical Company, located in Ljubljana, filed its civil suit against the Israeli drugmaker in a Newark, New Jersey court. It demands damages of $1 million, charging that Teva used its trade secrets in order to obtain United States Food and Drug Administration approval to market the generic version of an antibiotic, amoxycillin.

In its claim, Lek says that in 1995, it reached a licensing agreement with the Canadian company Novopharm. Under their agreement, Lek says, it sold the formula of amoxycillin to Novopharm, which undertook not to expose the formula.

Teva acquired Novopharm in 2000 and subsequently made use of Lek's trade secrets to prepare its amoxycillin submission to the FDA, the Slovenian company charges.

Lek also claims that Teva illegally instructed Novopharm to produce amoxycillin as support for its petition to the FDA. Lek says Teva plans to market the drug in the United States and elsewhere under its own brandname.

Lek wants the U.S. court to order Teva to stop using its trade secrets, and hopes to receive damages of a million dollars.

Teva's response to Lek's allegations have not been filed yet.