Tel Aviv stocks have started Monday with a negative bias on low turnover, on the escalation in violence that killed 13 people yesterday and wounded scores more.

Market players are waiting on the fence for trading to start in Europe, but anticipate mild losses today.

The Maof-25 index is starting with a drop of 0.4% and the Tel Aviv-100 index is down 0.3%. The TelTech-15 index is also off 0.3%.

On Sunday the Maof-25 index crossed the technical support level of 365 points. Rising beyond that point today would indicate the market's resilience despite the grim mood, say traders. The Maof-25 index is at 362.5 points.

DBM Investment House manager Rami Dror believes the security situation is already incorporated into share prices, barring serious escalation. Anybody playing the markets these days knows the score, he points out. However, the strengthening of the dollar against the shekel will weigh on trade, Dror added.

Supersol reported its results today, showing a 48% slide in net profit against the parallel quarter to NIS 28 million. Its cash flow was negative NIS 20 million, and sales eroded 3% from the corresponding quarter of last year to NIS 1.67 billion. The retailer blamed the recession, and the fact that Passover was in the first quarter this year.

Supersol stock is down 4.6% on the news.

Discount Investment Corporation, which has a controlling stake in Supersol, is losing 1.6%.

The Bezeq phone company is expected to attract attention today, after the Communications Ministry and Government Companies Authority said they are looking at a proposal to allow Shamrock Holdings and businessman Haim Saban to contend for the controlling stake in the state-run phone company. The proposal includes Bezeq taking over the shares Shamrock holds in their joint subsidiary Pele-Phone Communications, which would become fully-owned by Bezeq. Bezeq is trading unchanged.

Teva Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq:TEVA), generally the liveliest stock on the floor, is rising by 0.7% after dropping 2.5% on Sunday on high turnover.