Tycoon Yossi Maiman, the new chairman and controlling shareholder of Ampal-American Israel Corporation (Nasdaq:AMPL), intends to appoint the former director-general of the prime minister's office, Eitan Haber, as a director on Ampal's board at the annual assembly of shareholders on August 16.

Maiman, who also controls the Merhav investment group, means to name Dr Joseph Yerushalmi a senior vice president of the Merhav group, and veteran attorney Yehuda Karni as Ampal directors.

The Ampal board will have seven members, who receive $500 for each meeting. Veteran directors Eliyahu Wagner and Hillel Peled are stepping down.

The board will consist of Maiman, Haber, Yerushalmi, Karni, Jack Bigio, Leo Malamud, and Michael Arnon.

The assembly of shareholders will also be asked to approve the appointment of PricewaterhouseCoopers as accountants in the stead of Arthur Andersen.