The principality of Lichtenstein has found no evidence warranting charges against Israeli-Russian businessman Mikhail Chernoy under Lichtenstein law, in connection with alleged infractions concerning the Israeli phone company Bezeq.

The Lichtenstein attorney general's office advised Chernoy two weeks ago that no evidence has been found to support charges against him in the principality.

The clearance touches on an investigation Lichtenstein carried out on its own behalf. Its own investigation was prompted by a request filed over a year ago by Israel's police, to hold an inquiry into companies under Chernoy's control.

The inquiry also related to accounts Chernoy holds in Lichtenstein, that may have served to transfer money used by Israeli tycoon Gad Zeevi to purchase a 20% stake in the Bezeq phone company.

In parallel with the inquiry carried out at Israel's behest, the Lichtenstein police opened an investigation of its own. This is the investigation that found no evidence with which to charge him. The inquiry being carried out for Israel has not ended yet.

The Israeli police declined to comment.

Charges have been filed against Chernoy in Israel regarding his involvement in the Bezeq-Zeevi deal.