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We have to be near a bottom. We just have to be. Why? OK, remember during the height of the bubble, we had to put up with that smug Ameritrade kid who went around trying to get his boss to buy Kmart ( KM) stock online? (A double-whammy of all things: plugging Kmart... at the top!)

Now we have to put up with that sour-grapes TD Waterhouse guy. Gee, he's a real ray of sunshine, isn't he? Like Peter Boyle having a really, really bad day. Yikes, just depressing.

Anyway, if smug kid marked the top, Mr. Happy has to mark the bottom. I hope so, anyway!

Today, the Nasdaq, Liz Claiborne ( LIZ), Interpore International ( BONZ), EchoStar Communications ( DISH), Macromedia ( MACR), Principal Financial Group ( PFG) and Schlumberger ( SLB).

And that is the final word from Park City, Utah, where I am seriously hoping we have more ice skating controversies, not fewer. It's the only thing that's really spiced up this snoozer of an Olympics!
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