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OK, you want good news? Here it is: Everyone's excited about gold stocks!

Now, in my mind, that's at least one sign that stocks are near a bottom. I mean, gold stocks? Talk about one of the great contrarian signs. The last time they spiked was Sept. 21, 2001 -- exactly at the bottom.

Is it different this time? Something about supply, as Aaron Task points out?

Yes, sure, maybe. But at this point, the gold chart below sure looks like some of those Nasdaq wonders from yesteryear...

Today, a look at the Nasdaq, J.P. Morgan Chase ( JPM), Toys R Us ( TOY), the Philadelphia Stock Exchange Gold and Silver index, or XAU, Kroger ( KR) and iShares Russell 3000 Value ( IWW).

And that is the final word from the front seat of the Smith Taxicab, where my girls have introduced me to the music of Nelly Furtado. To her credit, it's the only CD I'll still play when my kids aren't in the car!
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