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Craft beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. Jason Notte takes a look at lesser-known beers and the behemoth breweries they compete with. Also, find the best craft beers for any occasion and reviews of the best breweries and vacation-worthy brewpubs in America.

By Jason Notte

10 Best Holiday Beer Buys of 2012

The holiday brews are upon us, so let's sort through them and spot the most creative and delicious.



5 Best Holiday Beers Available Before Halloween

Breweries are slaves to their ingredients and must stay fresh. But a holiday beer in October? Really? Yes, really.


10 Best Fall Beers With No Pumpkin

There are some autumn beers that fall between fresh-hop beers and pumpkin beers just perfectly.


10 Best Fresh Hop Beers

It's not only harvest time for wine and fall fruit, but for hops as well. These brewers take advantage.


How Dogfish Head Brewed Up A Business

 Sam Calagione, author of Brewing Up A Business, discusses the founding of Dogfish Head Brewery and the future of American beer.


How Tapping the Jewish Beer Market Begat a Plan

Jeremy Cowan, founder of Shmaltz Brewing, explains how his niche beer tactics set a template.



10 Most Expensive NFL Stadium Beers

Another NFL season, another year of beer-drinking football fans being sacked for a loss.


10 Best Beer Investments For Your Cellar

Think beer collection doesn't work like wine? Think again. Here are 10 blue chips to invest in and maybe even trade.


10 Best Pumpkin Beers Available Before Fall

Yes, it's already pumpkin beer season. But for every person wondering why, there's a drinker just enjoying.


The Best Beer Pubs in All 50 States (and D.C.)

With beer lovers from nearly every state weighing in, we decided to get back on the road for a broader look at brewpubs.


10 Best Fruity Beers For Late Summer Sipping

We hate to break this to the beer traditionalists, but the fruit-craving, malt-seeking masses are winning.


10 Best American Brewpubs Every Beer Fan Should Visit

With brewers in every corner of America wooing beer lovers into their brewpubs, it's good to know the best.

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Best Craft Beer Cans for the Cooler in the Dog Days of Summer

There's fresh, untainted, enjoyable beer inside these cans -- if you're lucky enough to find them in your area.




10 Best Vacation Cities for Beer Lovers

Beer drinkers shouldn't limit craft beer to being part of their vacation; travel right and it can be the vacation.




10 Summer Beers That Won't Break Your Budget

Summer has a way of getting craft beer geeks and mainstream beer drinkers to the same bar.




10 Most Expensive Beers in Baseball

A month into the MLB season and baseball's beer drinking fans are already behind in the standings.




10 St. Patrick's Day Beers as Irish as Guinness

Guinness is part of U.K.'s Diageo, but it and some other beers meet St. Patrick's Day standards.



Why the Official Beer Of Saint Patrick's Day Isn't What You Think

Guinness is growing in the U.S., but Bud and Heineken are squeezing its Saint Patrick's Day presence.

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How Nitrogen Powers St. Patrick's Day Beer Business


Guinness used nitrogen to make its stout smoother, but even IPAs are nitro powered this St. Patrick's Day.




Sierra Nevada CEO Makes East Coast Beer Run


Ken Grossman says Sierra Nevada's Asheville, N.C., expansion will yield better beer.




Why Craft Beer Doesn't Have A Super Bowl Ad


Anheuser-Busch's exclusivity deal is only part of the reason craft beer is on the Super Bowl sidelines.


5 Champagne Beers For New Year's Toasting


Champagne-style beers are seeking a share of sparkling wine's New Year's cheer.


5 Home Beer Brewing Kits for Holiday Giving


Beer fans longing to dump hops into an IPA or make a Bud knockoff from a packet will love these holiday home brew ideas.


10 Best Holiday Beer Buys For 2011



Beer sales slump during holiday shopping season, but specialty beers spread plenty of cheer.

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Bud Light Platinum Not So Crafty: Today's Outrage

Bud Light Platinum is just another flat Anheuser-Busch attempt to cash in on the craft beer market.


Craft Brew Founder Widmer Savors Results

Rob Widmer helped create a whole sector as Widmer Brothers Brewery co-founder and Craft Beer Alliance stakeholder.


Why Joe Six-Pack Pays $11 a Beer Bottle

Beer fans love 22-ounce "bombers," but craft brewers' bottom lines love them more.




5 Reasons to Pick Pumpkin Beer


Pumpkin beer has grown from a novelty to a respectable seasonal brew.


Foster's Isn't Australian For Anything Now


SABMiller's $10.2 billion buyout of Foster's chugs the notion of national beer identity.


10 Best Beer States of 2011



Big beer, craft beer and a beer-loving populace combine to make great beer states.

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Craft Beer CEO Keeps Clear Head On Sales

Craft Brewers Alliance Chief Executive Terry Michaelson gives a behind-the-scenes look at what his company has brewing.


Witbier Clear Summer Beer Winner For Brewers

Beer giants such as Anheuser-Busch and MolsonCoors share craft's love of wheat beer.


5 More Craft Beer Vacation Destinations

Colorado, Vermont, Washington, Virginia and Michigan all deserve a brewery-based visit.


Cans? Low Buzz? What's Up With Craft Beer?

Beer cans and session brews are buzzing through U.S. craft breweries, which are wary of repeating big beer's 30-pack of mistakes.


10 Best Craft Beer Vacation Destinations

Waterfront views, outdoor gardens and Swiss chalets are on the summer craft beer brewery tours.


Craft Beer Brewers Taste Success As Team

Craft beer's big sales cost Goose Island its independence, but it helps Samuel Adams, Yuengling and others help each other.




The Beer Dance: How Schlafly Craft Beer Shook Up St. Louis


We put 14 craft brewers from NCAA tournament host cities against each other. You picked the winners.




The Beer Dance: Our Craft Beer March Madness Bracket


The Beer Dance: Round 2 Of Our Craft Beer March Madness Bracket


The Beer Dance: The Final Four Of Our Craft Beer March Madness Bracket


The Beer Dance: The Championship Of Our Craft Beer March Madness Bracket




  1. *Samuel Adams Boston Lager
  2. *Columbus Brewing's Columbus IPA
  3. *Penn Brewery's Penn Gold
  4. *Yazoo Brewing's Dos Perros


  1. *Marble Brewery's Marble Red Ale
  2. *Bridgeport Ale's IPA
  3. *Four Peaks' Kilt Lifter Scottish Ale
  4. *Upstream Brewing's Flagship IPA


  1. *Great Lakes Brewing's Edmund Fitzgerald's Porter
  2. *Schlafly Beer's Dry Hopped APA
  3. *Bluegrass Brewing Comapny's Dark Star Porter


  1. *Abita Turbodog
  2. *Sweetwater's 420 Extra Pale Ale
  3. *Foothills' Hoopymum IPA