Action Alerts PLUS

For 25+ years, Jim Cramer has helped make others rich.

Stock Investing, 6- to 12-month Horizon

Jim Cramer, one of Wall Street's most successful hedge fund managers, identifies "best of breed" companies, often offering dividends, to help investors profit from both individual stocks and market trends. Cramer guides self-directed investors in building or expanding their portfolios, actively investing in stocks in his charitable trust stock portfolio.

  • Email alerts of every buy and sell Cramer makes before he acts
  • 24/7 access to Jim's personal multi-million dollar charitable trust portfolio
  • Weekly Roundups reviewing picks of the week and market activity
  • Quarterly portfolio update video
  • Alerts archive
  • Access to Cramer's "25 Rules for Investing" and "10 Commandments of Trading"
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Options Alerts

Rebecca Darst is an internationally known equity options analyst.

Options Trading

Offers straightforward, easy-to-execute options recommendations that capitalize on market volatility to enhance returns and reduce risk. Depending on your investment goals, you can either duplicate the moves in the model portfolio, or simply deepen your knowledge of options strategies and tactics.

  • Email alerts of recommended options puts and calls
  • 24/7 access to model options portfolio
  • Weekly Monday Roundup of the previous week and the week ahead
  • EduCenter with glossary of options terms and techniques
  • Reference library of options articles and strategies
  • Alerts archive
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45+ Wall Street pros, including Cramer, Rev Shark & others.

Investment Commentary & Analysis

An unbiased platform for money- making investment and trading ideas for self-directed investors, and daily market commentary from dozens of Wall Street experts. Investors receive guidance on how to build a more profitable portfolio, from day-trading recommendations to long-term investment ideas, along with insights into fundamental and technical analyses.

  • Up to 15 exclusive stories daily
  • RealMoney blogs by Jim Cramer, James "Rev Shark" DePorre, Tony Crescenzi and Vince Farrell
  • "Columnist Conversation," a real-time "forum" where RealMoney pros chat, debate market activity and exchange stock ideas
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RealMoney Sliver

Commentary & analysis from top contributors.

Investing Across the Stock Spectrum

Unbiased market news, commentary and analysis by seasoned pros designed for self-directed investors seeking to develop a balanced portfolio that can grow regardless of market fluctuations. Offers stock recommendations across sectors, identifying profitable short- and long- term growth opportunities in large, mid and small-caps.


A compendium of subscription services covering a range of investing bases. Includes:

  • Action Alerts PLUS
  • RealMoney
  • Stocks Under $10
  • Value Investor
  • Earnings Calls
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Regular Price $999.95 Biotech Select by Adam Feuerstein

Adam Feuerstein has been a biotech specialist at since 2001.

Stock Investing, 6- to 12-month Horizon

Unfiltered and uncensored, Adam Feuerstein tells what's hot and what's not in biotech. He bases his subscriber-only Recommended List on in-depth research, including the latest in clinical-trial data and information from his extensive industry contacts. Geared toward active self-directed investors who want to maximize returns and limit risk in this volatile sector.

  • Weekly Roundups each Wednesday, featuring a Recommended List of long and short picks, stock watch list, highlights on companies' drug development strategies and more.
  • Email Alerts every Monday that recap last week's activity and preview the coming week, plus additional emails whenever breaking news could influence stocks on the Biotech Select Recommended List.
  • Comprehensive Archives containing all Biotech Select Alerts and Weekly Roundups for easy reference.
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Nails on the Numbers

Lenny "Nails" Dykstra has
developed his unique investment strategy over more than a decade.

money Calls, 3- to 6-month Horizon

Jim Cramer said, "Lenny Dykstra brings the same intensity, skill and aggressiveness to options as he did to baseball. Lenny is rapidly becoming one of the great ones." The former Mets and Phillies outfielder recommends his deep-in-the-money calls exclusively through this service, researching options trades on the stock of major companies, aiming for potential gains of $1,000 per trade. Dykstra's proven, consistent, repeatable strategy is both straight-forward and simple to execute.

  • Weekly email alerts with Dykstra's exclusive DITM recommendations
  • Weekly Roundup, reviewing his DITM calls and previewing potential moves
  • Recent Plays list, highlighting his past 10 DITM plays
  • Archive of most recent Alerts and Weekly Roundups
  • Methodology & Glossary
Stocks Under $10

Frank Curzio, a research analyst, works closely with Jim Cramer.

Low-Priced Stocks

Frank Curzio and his team employ fundamental analysis, management assessment and technical analysis to identify potentially profitable stocks listed on a national exchange with an entry point of over $1 and with a market cap of at least $100 million. For relatively risk-tolerant active investors seeking to make money in stocks largely overlooked by U.S. analysts.

  • Email alerts of stock picks before trades are made
  • 24/7 access to a model portfolio
  • Weekly roundups rating each stock in the model portfolio
  • Monthly portfolio update video
  • Alerts archive
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Breakout Stocks

Larsen Kusick, a Cramer protégé, specializes in small/mid-caps.

Small and Mid-Cap Stocks

Portfolio manager Larsen Kusick identifies future large-cap stocks while they are still at the small or mid-cap level, enabling relatively risk-tolerant active investors to get in on the ground floor and find potential high performers. Invests in emerging trends and industries primed to outperform the standard indices.

  • Email alerts before recommended trades
  • 24/7 access to model portfolio
  • Weekly summaries rating each stock in the model portfolio
  • Alerts archive
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Value Investor

David Peltier is a protégé of Jim Cramer and experienced analyst.

Long-Term Value Stocks

David Peltier and his team of researchers and analysts use proprietary screening methodologies to identify value stocks and turnaround candidates, finding the best value investments across sectors and company size. Members can stay abreast of market trends and apply them to a long-term investment strategy.

  • Email alerts of recommended picks, strategies, news and events
  • 24/7 access to model portfolio
  • Tips on position management and exit strategies
  • Alerts archive
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Top Stocks

Helene Meisler has 20+ years of market analysis experience.

Technical Analysis

Jim Cramer describes Helene Meisler as the best technician on Wall Street. Meisler uses short and long-term indicators, as well as sentiment readings, to determine market direction and to pinpoint imminent breakouts in stocks. She identifies entry points, targets and stops for opportunities with a horizon of a few days to approximately 2 months.

  • Emails with market analysis, updates and that day's indicators
  • Exclusive stock charts with explanations of strategies and rationales
  • Macro charts providing Meisler's perspective on market trends
  • Archive of alerts and charts
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Dividend Stock Advisor

David Peltier contributes to Value Investor, too.

Equity Income

David Peltier helps self-directed investors create income stability and long-term income growth by identifying stocks with an average yield of at least twice that of the S&P 500. Members can also develop a tax-efficient approach to a diversified portfolio, generating a total return in excess of the DVY:NYSE.

  • Email alerts sent as market events warrant
  • 24/7 access to a model portfolio of approximately 15 dividend- paying stocks
  • Bi-weekly newsletter with exclusive dividend-stock focus
  • In-depth research on income-generating stocks
  • Alerts archive
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Daily Swing Trade

Alan Farley is a professional trader and swing-trading strategist.

Technical Analysis Trading (Momentum)

Leading swing trader Alan Farley helps sophisticated self-directed investors maximize returns by leveraging price mechanisms and identifying high-probability but hard-to-find trading opportunities with a timeframe varying from one day to a few weeks. Farley provides technical analysis and charting techniques that are applicable across sectors, and adds commentary on stocks and markets.

  • Up to 5 daily swing trade recommendations
  • Proprietary technical charts and analysis showing the how's, when's, where's and why's of each recommendation
  • Daily commentary and instruction on swing trading techniques
  • Archive of charts and commentary
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Jonathan Moreland has specialized in analyzing insider filing data for 15+ years.

Stock Investing, 3- to 24-month Horizon

Jonathan Moreland examines thousands of SEC insider filings every week, overlaying the bare-bones data with his expert fundamental and technical analyses. His long and short portfolio recommendations are completely free of sector and market-cap bias, and are suitable for investors looking for value, income, growth or momentum plays.

  • Weekly newsletter includes:
    • Recommended List of long and short picks, with buy, sell, hold and short ratings.
    • New Finds table with the previous week's most important insider stock buying and selling.
    • Multiple tables detailing significant trades in individual dollar value, aggregate dollar value, and more.
  • Email alerts during the week with time-sensitive information on companies being targeted.
  • 24/7 access to subscriber minisite that provides updated Recommended List, Archives and Getting Started guide.
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ETF Shark Alerts

"Rev Shark" is a professional investor and writes for RealMoney.

Long-term and Action-oriented Short-term ETF Opportunities

Established ETF authority James "Rev Shark" DePorre helps investors profit from low-cost, well-diversified, tax-efficient ETF vehicles. Identifying ETFs with profit potential, Rev guides all levels of investors in developing or extending their ETF portfolios with a horizon of a few days to 12 months. Members can select from and/or emulate Rev's ETF model portfolio, which includes recommendations for both aggressive, active trading as well as longer-term investing.


  • Allocation alerts before all model portfolio trades are executed
  • Market alerts offering instant feedback on events that could affect the model portfolio
  • 24/7 access to a model portfolio
  • Rev's step-by-step guidance: when to get in, when to hold, when to get out, when to maintain a cash position
  • Weekly newsletters with Rev's market overview, his trades, and promising ETFs
  • Alerts archive
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